Plans to go to Key West

for a summer vacation I am planning a motorcycle trip to Key West. Was wondering what if any carry laws that Key West may or may not have so i can plan accordingly. Trip will be for the Ft Worth Texas area to Key West and back.
I do have a CCW and plan to carry and follow state laws in the states I will be going through, but was not sure if Key West
is part of Florida or its own laws. Thanks in advance


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Been there. Interesting experience.

Sounds like fun! Not sure on the law aspect. Honk when you go through West Monroe, LA, if you take I-20. :grinning:

That sounds like a great trip!!

Here are the laws for Florida:

While that is the state laws, it may lead you to the information you need regarding Key West. Be sure to also check the hotels you stay at along the way.

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In short, FL is a concealed carry ONLY state and your TX LTC is good here. FL has strong Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine self-defense laws. There is a pretty extensive list of places where a permit holder cannot legally carry concealed in FL. Study up on them!

Open carry is ONLY legal while engaged in shooting sports, camping, hunting, or fishing…and the immediate travel to and from these activities; unless you are a licensed security guard, PI, LEO, etc. My 2 cents: don’t push the open carry exceptions in the FL Keys as a non-resident.


No issues with concealed carry in Key West. In fact, there was a “monsoon of applications” ,according to the sheriff’s office, after the mandatory lockdown ended last year.

However, plan your activities with respect to your CCW. There were a couple of firearm related incidents this past year which I heard they were alcohol-related, so they are looking out for intoxicated people with CCW.

No carry weapons in bars…be careful in those situations.
We’ve gone to KW for a couple of weeks the last few years during our winter season…never had an issue. Just make sure that concealed is concealed.

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Thanks every one.

thanks, I had looked at that but did not know if KW was included

Cover your butt as you walk through the bars. I was groped all the way through once. Not fun.

CCW with restrictions —I graduated KWHS 1971 home of the Conchs --use to be a Bubba system --Main thing as your traveling the 112.5 miles down there are the Sheriff Deputies they are everywhere 45mph enforced and during the Winter forget it bumper to bumper --if you want to see something off the chain go 1 week before Halloween lolol you won’t forget it .Take @ least 2k it is very expensive ! Make sure to eat some Conch fritters little stand by the Aquarium .


Tony Menendez

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Only the state can legislate gun laws in Florida. That means that what is legal or illegal in Pensacola is also legal or illegal in Key West.

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