Pitbull Tactical Mag Carrier

Anyone experienced with this mag carrier? I like how it’s versatile , can be OWB or IWB, but I’ve also seen videos showing the retention is not good (some videos show the retention is good, but they don’t use loaded mags).

Link added for reference. ~Moderator

Thx for the info…
I’ve been looking for something like this recently. I’m using BlackHawk QuickMode Mag Carrier…great, universal and handy…but no concealable at all.
I’ve just ordered 3 of Pitbulls :+1:
If you wait, I will post my review, once they are deliverd.


I’m tempted to pick one up too, they are affordable on Amazon,

They look great for day to day carry, but wouldn’t be military grade equipment if that makes sense. I really like the mag pouches I wear. They’re cheap, they work with all my mags (full-size 40, single stack 9 and singles stack 45), and they are comfortable. BUT I have to dig a bit for the mag. With this rig, I’d be able to easily get that mag.

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We will see.
Looking at dimensions I’m expecting the same reloads convenience as I’ve got with Blackhawks.
Concealment option is what I’ll be looking for at Pitbull.

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@Scoutbob… as promised:

  1. This mag carrier is made from sturdy plastic.The trick that makes it “universal” is the rubber band wrapped around front and back walls.

  2. Nice, professional packaging

  3. Great slim design. I like how it fit the body when mounted OWB

    Easy to insert and remove double and single stack magazines.

  4. IWB works as well

  5. Multi mag carrier option is easy and quick to setup. These are much better than my Blackhawks. I like how Pitbull carriers sit close to the body, not sticking outside and not printing through the sweater

And… that’s all with positives

Unfortunately this mag carrier DOESN’T work with magazines equipped with loading slide tabs:

  • M&P EZ series
  • M&P 22 Full and Compact

The magazine goes up and down but the tab sticks outside the carrier…

I like them better than my old ones because of slim design. I don’t know how long these rubber band are gonna last with my tendency to treat this stuff very harsh. I’m little disappointed because they are not working with my few magazines.

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Thank you, I still mite pick one up to try it. How is the retention on those double stack mags?

Retention is great. There is no way the magazine will fall out. Easy “mag in” and “mag out”.
I was doing reload drill for 15 minutes and these mag carriers were 100% reliable.
IWB configuration is a little hard to manipulate… but it’s not the product fault, the magazine’s base plate just sits deep in flesh. (as you can see on the picture above.

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Still liking the mag holder?

I actually used them yesterday at my range for emergency reload drills.
Very handy, comfortable and easy for drawing.
They don’t stick out even worn OWB.


I have used a couple of these pretty extensively since this spring. I use them AIWB at about 11:00. I have experienced no retention issues. They are more comfortable than many IWB mag carriers, and as far as I can tell, actually are universal. They have worked with every magazine that I have tried in them. I think the belt clip is a little flimsy compared to the rest of the carrier, and is hard to work with IWB with a thick belt. However, I have not broken a belt clip yet. Other than a concern about the long term durability of the belt clip, I think it is a great product.

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I’ve mentioned on another thread about other holster which may work with MP22 and MP EZ magazines.

I’ve just gotten one this morning (Amberide Holster)

This one is single stack. It has adjustable retention spring on the back of the magazine, so there is no interference with magazine’s loading tabs.

I like his one :muscle:

Here you have size comparison with Pitbull:

PXL_20201128_014707982 PXL_20201128_014656287