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No one who has survived a gunfight has said, “I wish I’d had fewer bullets.” Spare ammo might not be mandatory, but it can’t hurt. Last year, Pitbull Tactical — based in Orlando, Florida — launched its universal magazine carrier. This year, the company improved it.

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Some of my friends are surprised when I tell them that I carry two extra magazines. I carry two 17 round mags when I travel out of my home area. Or towns in the area that have greater crime rates than my home area. One friend ask if I covered them. I said “Not at all. They need to be accessible.” I am very comfortable with a total of 45 rounds on my person.

I bought one from this interview. Unfortunately it would not work well for me. IWB, OWB, anywhere from 8 to 11 o’clock, it was very uncomfortable. The carrier and magazine dug into my skin. All of the Dockers type dress pants I wear for work have a wider belt loop than 1.5" This mag carrier does work for 1.5" belts, but your pant waist starts rolling over. I have to wear a wider belt, wider than this carrier was designed for. I also had some issues with the rubber band coming out of the channel it is supposed to sit in. Once it even came off the bottom of the carrier. I was not happy with this at all. Fortunately the company return policy is fantastic and the live by it. They refunded my money and told me to give the carrier to someone else who may be able to use it. I was all set to send it back at my expense. Excellent customer service.