"Pistol Ar15" for Home defense?


I just recently purchased an AR15 lower and a pistol kit from Palmetto state armory because i enjoy shorter barreled firearms. I was curious on what everyone though about using in the event of an (home invasion) a “pistol” ar15?

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Choosing a home defense rifle

You’ll blow your eardrums out shooting an AR indoors normally, but you’ll really blow your eardrums out with a pistol. That being said, 30 expanding 5.56 or .223 rounds will give you the results you want. Also, if you learn to clear rooms, the shorter barrel works better than a rifle.


Pistol length system I would lean towards a 300 blackout. That round is specifically designed for that application and is even better in the subsonic category. A pistol length 5.56 isn’t a bad runner up however.


Good news i already have some hearing loss from shooting a 7.62x54R without ear protection as well as ear surgeries ive had! I appriciate the input though!:smile:


I wouldve loved to get one in 300blk but the ammo os so darn expensive!:sob:


True BUT if you have an AR15 pistol get a 300 blackout upper train with the 5.56 since it’s cheaper and store it with the 300 blackout ready to go. At home defense distances the only thing that’s gonna matter is manipulating the controls. Just food for thought.


.300 black outs with a supressor are super quiet.


I would think using a .223 round in a home situation would be more ideal over using a 5.56 round.


Either way defense ammunition is the key. Subsonic .300 BO is a great choice as well. Here’s a great video comparing 9mm fmj suppressed to .300 BO suppressed with defensive ammunition.


Check this out

During fight or flight, or body protects the inner workings of our ears. Even in just an exciting scenario. Case in point,
While dear hunting, I had one ear plug in so I could hear deer in the brush. When one jumped up 60 yards out, I turned and fired my .357 mag revolver, and FORGOT TO STICK IN THE OTHER PLUG. Here’s the thing, I didn’t hear the shot, or the next one. When the adrenaline wore off, no ringing, no numbness. My hearing was fine. I have fired the same gun, without plugs, and my ears rang for 3 days. In a self defense scenario, fight or flight protects our hearing and eyesight.


Got to love the 357 mag for deer hunting. It was the first handgun I ever purchased and I bought it just for that purpose.


In low light the huge muzzle flash and blast will be very disorienting, and blinding without a good suppressor, even moreso for you than the bad guys.

You also have to be extremely careful about over penetration with rifle bullets, doubly or triply so if you live in a condo or apartment.

I would not really recommend them for most people.

If you’re going to use one at all it’s wise to consider highly frangible ammo.