AR Contest: Which Weapon is Best for Your Home Defense?

We’ve had a bunch of conversations about ARs in the Community. You all have encouraged me to build my own AR - and I did it! Now it’s our turn to encourage you to build your very own AR!

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Which weapon is best for your home defense?

  • AR
  • Shotgun
  • Handgun
  • Pepper Spray
  • Other please share below

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I chose a handgun for maneuverability and capacity for in the house. :wink:


I chose other. Here is my reasoning

  1. How fast due I become aware of developing home defense need?

  2. How many are there? What the of day is it. I may kill power and use Night vision scope

  3. Did my combination of S/A, Puppers and Tech give me enough warning to get 911 on the way and allow me time to get to safe, to armor up and get to steel and marble island at top of stairs so they can’t spread throughout the upstairs.

  4. Did I get enough warning to armor up, grab go bag, and wife and exit via chain ladder and or laundry after getting 911 on the way.

  5. Am I caught totally by surprise, so all I have is EDC and 2 knives and cell phone, because I keep 2 cans of Bear Mace hidden in easy to access spaces. Which may help me get to a spot I can better prepare.

  6. Is it someone just stealing a power tool or lawnmower from downstairs. Then it will just be my phone, a call to 911 and some pictures. Self defense not stuff defense.


Only reason I chose handgun over shotgun is size. For storage, ease of deployment, and negotiating a “confined” space.

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I choose handgun, mainly because I live in a mobile home.

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For me, I’ll take a shotgun. In close quarters, it’s payload per shot is unmatched. Couple that with the availability of different rounds, and you can tailor a shotgun to your needs. Now, it ask what works for me. My 12 gushiest is not ideal, for my wife, or someone smaller than me, perhaps.


I choose a handgun because it’s easier to keep secure it from curious children, and it’s easier to access. However, I plan on making a rifle accessible too.

I chose handgun because there was not an “all of the above” option. I have a layered approach, that involves all 3 ready to go. Not every threat in your home, or around your home, has 2 legs. :smiley:

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The best home defense weapon is the one you can use accurately. It doesn’t matter what gun is in your hands, if you’re not a good shot with it.


Other… my Glock 17 in a CAA MCK. Great accuracy and looks scary. I would prefer to scare someone over shooting them. But, that’s their choice.


I checked handgun, but part of me thinks an AR pistol would be better in actual use due to reduced adjacent room penetration. The 2 disadvantages I see are it is so loud unless suppressed, and more challenging to stage.

I chose OTHER but I like the AR pistol platform. I’m looking into a couple of them now. As far as calibre, I remain undecided. Definitely a possibility in the future though… :thinking::v:t5:

I went with AR-15 because I think an AR15 pistol in 300 blackout is the best over all. Great stopping power, capacity and over penetration is less likely. Also very easy to run a suppressor and still maintain maneuverability.

I have to go with an AR (pistol), most of my bad times down range I had some form of AR in my hands from an M-16A1 in Panama to an M-4 in Trashcanistan. I mitigate over penetration with Hornady TAP ammo which are essentially varmint boolets and come apart on contact. Should I make it to/need a re-load then the bad guys are getting full house Green Tip. I have other options, but when the rear sphincter slams shut around your neck I’m good with prior proven abilities and capabilities and fall easily back into old habits.




I’m going with pistols for the time it takes to get the ARs out of the safe 3 feet away in my office.
The ARs are so much more suited for bad guys, and with 55Gr VMax’s, I can’t think of a better combination of stopping power and a decreased likelihood of overpenetration, not to mention 30 rounds available.

@David259–just saw an article on pew pew tactical–they said the best round for shotguns is #4 buck.
Which I don’t own. yet. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to choose between a handgun and an AR for me. A handgun has the mobility while an AR has the capacity. Depending on the size of the AR, however, that as well could be very mobile.

In my opinion the Ar pistol is the best home defense gun. I have one in 300 Blk out and one in 9mm. The 300 would be my primary but if I am closer to the 9MM I would use that one. An AR pistol is a steadier platform and is hard to beat with a light laser combination.

I went with “other” because my actual choice for my main home defense gun (I’m not limited to just one and have several quickly available) is a suppressed CZ scorpion SBR. I like it because its compact and maneuverable, it’s firing a 9mm jhp (Hornady Critical Duty) so it’s decent on not over penetrating, has 30 round capacity, and is quiet with the suppressor. Doesn’t really fall into any of the categories besides “other”.

I believe a hand gun is the best. A hand gun is easier to conceal and handle. I feel that shotguns are for trap shooting and hunting. While I own an AR, I do not keep it locked and loaded in my home.
Just my humble opinion.