I was a content creator on tik tok and was getting paid by tik tok, I had my account for 2 years with 37,568 followers and they finally took it down after somebody replied to me saying I care more about my guns than dead kids. My response was with a video saying you care more about government overreach then dead kids with a video about Waco Texas where the government set fire and kill 80 people, 25 of those being kids.

My page was about conceal carry, different ways people can carry, storing firearms, advocate for the 2nd amendment, denounce control bills and laws, Educate the main populace on self defense concepts and different concepts, and applying them to different scenarios.

Like as for teachers carrying, I proposed a solution where teachers would be able to carry a firearm into the school check it in with the main office, be escorted to their classroom with a biometric safe. If a shooting would occur they then can barricade the room and have a firearm trained at the door, and how that solves a lot of problems people ask.

I argued how certain problems can be solved like the typical daughter comes home from college in the middle of the night and her parents shoot her, by following advice from the USCCA Target Aquisition, TARGET IDENTIFICATION, and target isolation. and argued against that if you own a firearm in the home you’re going to be killed by it.

I advocated for constitutional carry and when people said they don’t like the idea of an untrained person carrying, I gave them a list of resources they could share so they can go ahead and show people where to get training instead of arguing against it.

I also talked to people outside of the country who have their rights stripped who wished they could carry.

The firearm community was a great one I’m proud to be apart of, and I’m glad it was a good run.


Sorry to hear about that. We are a despised crowd and some in the brainless crowd are sincerely afraid of the truth, they would rather live in the Matrix, than experience the real world around them.

When the real world touches them like Roe-v-Wade, it’s like someone hit them with a taser and they just get all jiggly, emotional and violent.
Think “Allegory of the Cave” Plato
Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise! Supposedly, everything happens for a reason.


There was a lot of stuff that I said that could also be used against me in any number of those videos, when we’re talking about me getting into a defensive shooting. There will be a lot of things that could influence the jury against me and paint me as a radical.

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For some, you are a radical simply for owning a gun.


Would you mind sharing those resources here? The Community could use some help in not arguing against Constitutional Carry.


The “Social Media” thing is certainly a fickle partner. We love you until someone says not to then we cancel you. These large media outlets are pretty much brainless, they can’t think for themselves. There mantra is “Who likes our content today” with no regard for any opposition arguments.


@Forensic_Wow Sorry to hear about that. Just another sh!t woke company like many others.


Most of it is the USCCA, and USCCA into the fray videos. But I’ve shared warrior poet society, NRA, and other companies like the personal defense network. Share all kinds of videos and links you can find. The training is out there you just have to look for it.


And to even more I’m radical to even suggest fighting tyranny when they come door to door to confiscate.

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That’ll learn ya for telling the truth. :roll_eyes:


Yeah, I took a look at Reddit today…social media is no place for the rational at the moment. Got baseball coaches suddenly becoming “ban AR-15” voices of kneejerk reactionaries, and seems every gun owner just became a mass murderer in their eyes…of course my states Senator Murphy was not letting another tragedy go to waste. Didn’t watch.
I did see an article saying the shooter had posted his intentions…but doing something about it isn’t part of the plan.


Makes it sound like we need stronger red flag laws. That’s the gist I get most of the time gun owners and carriers talk about things like this, we need stronger red flag laws so we can “do something” preemptively

Dangerous times

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Indeed it is.

Not a fan of “he said she said” but when someone puts their plan in writing for all to see,perhaps some attention should be paid.
This has been a common theme among these kids shooting up schools, since the Lanza and Klebold (sp?) days.


I try to avoid everything media in general, especially for things like this, but, without sharing anything that has any perpetrator’s name…what plan in writing was posted?

And, what should the action taken, as a result, be, in your opinion?

Please don’t use their names. If that was yesterday’s guys name, that was the first I saw any reference of it. Was trying to go as long as I could.


Yes, from what I read, he had shared a lot of disturbing threats, but most of them were in private messages, and not necessarily with people that knew him. So they got these weird threats from a stranger on the internet… hard to act on.

However, he made a specific threat to kill his grandmother, which he did. He then made a specific threat to shoot up a school. This threat was made only 15 minutes before he entered the school. That’s not a lot of time to act, unless you’re Jack Bauer. There’s an important lesson that Americans aren’t learning, though, because they’re too busy blaming the NRA. The lesson is: when someone threatens to commit murder, take them seriously.


No idea, just saw the headline that the shooter posted his plan…and as for follow up, that’s not my forte’. Not a lawyer, law enforcement or a politician. We all have our specialties, mine was never dealing with people.
Edit, looks like Quade knows more on this than I do.

This is where we get into trouble. You told me the shooter put his plan out in writing but action was not taken because it wasn’t part of the plan, but you are telling me that based on a media headline.

I hope we all know how reliable media headlines are

The “not part of the plan” is my theory. Quade posted more detail on what got written.
Nah, not in any “trouble”.

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If he posted it 15 minutes before the event, that doesn’t really seem like it is reasonable to expect an action to have been taken