Password change

Hello Admins, where do I change the app password? TY

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Hi @Bruno , add the “@” symbol in front of their name to send a notification to anyone in the community. For example @USCCA will get a notification to read this post and answer your question because I typed “@u” and selected @USCCA from the dropdown.


He asked how to change his password, not how to tag someone.

I’m sure you select your Avatar on the upper right and intuitivevely filter down to Profile. I’ll check.


First logout
The go to login but choose “Forgo password”
You probably have to re-enter your email
And select the site to send you a verification email that contains a link to reset your password. Follow the instructions from there. Enter your desired password change.


I was trying to teach him how to fish



The password here is the same as the password you use for the USCCA website (it’s all the same user information in a single sign-on system :smiley: )

@KillJoy has one way. The other way is to go to (you should be logged in there if you’re logged in here). Click on the upper right-hand corner where it says “Hi, your name” and select Account Details.

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Hope that helps, @Bruno!