Updating Your Email Address

If you wish to change your email address for the Community, please do so on the USCCA website as we use a single sign-on system. Your credentials for the USCCA website (uscca.com) are the same as your credentials for the USCCA Community.

To update your email address on the USCCA Website, please click in the upper right-hand corner to log in, click on the down carrot next to the Hi [Your Name], then click on My Account.

The USCCA website is the place to change your email address for the Community.

The Community will continue to show you your old email address until you log out and log back into the Community. Please give the system a few hours to ensure all of the data connections have been made.

Your email address is never shown on your profile. The Community Manager and Moderators are the only ones who will ever see your email address and we will not share it.

Please message @moderators if you have any questions!