The Blogs are Coming!

The USCCA Blogs are coming to Community! Our blogs will continue to reside on our website at however, the commenting portion of the blog posts will now reside in the Community as of today!

Why the change? The current platform is owned by another organization that shares people’s email addresses with others. In order to help you best protect your private information, we’re moving the commenting area for our blogs into the Community. We do NOT share your email addresses or personal information with anyone else.

How will this affect you all? There will be more awesome people to talk with! We may have some growing pains, please reach out if you see any issues. This won’t change the functioning of the Community at all - we’re just adding more to the Community. :smiley:

What’s your favorite USCCA Blog post so far?


Dawn, you are correct that the Community does not share email addresses, but if someone is using a screenname, I get an email notification when they respond to my post that includes their real name. That seems like personal information they may not want shared since they chose a screenname?

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@Dawn I have seen that too… is that something we can look at changing?

@Gary_H and @Zee, Hmmmmmm… I think I can change that… Let me dig into it!

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I made a tweak on the back end… Now to see if it worked…

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going to tag myself and @Gary_H to see if the email shows names or usernames on notification… don’t know if I’ll get an email :grin: but @Dawn and Gary can reply and let me know what it looks like on their ends. @Zee

@dawn & @Zee I just checked my email and the one’s in my “Inbox” have been updated to remove “real” names - even prior to today.

The one’s I moved to a local folder still have “real” names - I move some because they have information I want to keep - so I still know Zee’s “real” name :grinning:

edit: my active “Inbox” only goes back a couple of weeks

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@Gary_H I’m good with you knowing my “real” name :wink:

I’m seeing the same update, so I agree it worked!


YAY!!! It’s been a year since I started playing around with the platform and I still don’t know what all of the setting buttons do! :wink:

Thanks for letting me know so I could adjust it!