Moved. Change of address needed.

I moved house in same state. I need to change my address for the magazine. How do i do this?


You can

*Log in to your account at, click on manage account, update your address
*Chat in to an advisor through the chat with us option on that website
*Call any Delta Defense number (such as the back of your membership card) 24/7 to update your address
*Send an email to support [at] deltadefense [dot] com from the email on your account with your phone number, current address, and new address to get it updated


I have tried the first two with no luck. Lucky my post office knows my address. Maybe I’ll try the third. Thanks.

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I had to make a change on my account and used the chat service to get it started. i received a call from a USCCA employee within 10 minutes who made the necessary changes to my account. They worked fast and were on top of it. Highly suggest doing that way.


Thank you. All done. That was easy.