Changing Your Username and Adding a Profile Picture

When you first log into the USCCA Community, the system will automatically assign you a username using your first name and a number if there are multiple people with your first name in the Community.

For example if there are already 24 Dawn’s in the Community when I log in the first time, I would then be assigned Dawn25.

You CAN change that within the first 30 days.

To change your username, please click your initial in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, labeled 1 below [I already have a photo set, but this is where the initial will be]:

Please do NOT use the USCCA logo in any form as your profile picture, including USCCA Instructor logo. If you’re a USCCA instructor, you can receive a USCCA Instructor badge to denote your instructor status.

Click on your name, labeled 2. Please select Preferences next, labeled 3. To change your Username (within the first 30 days), please click on the pencil next to your current username. If it’s been 30 days and you’d like to change your username (with a good reason), please private message the moderators (@moderators).

To change your profile picture, please click on the pencil next to the initial (the example already shows my profile picture).

Please let the moderators (@moderators) know if you need any assistance!