Pandora's Box and the MSM

Something is happening in this year’s election cycle that has me alarmed. Gun Control. Let’s start enforcing the 20,000+ on the books before we go about even more intrusion. But this election cycle has gone off the wheels.

It’s not gun control, that’s bothering me, it’s Presidential Candidates talking about out and out gun confiscation. Then audiences giving standing ovations to these candidates and finally THE MSM talking about it like its a normal topic.

A few days ago Beta Beto told a room of his supporters and yhe MSM that the US Military would put down any uprising the American public could make and that he didn’t want the American people to be able to defend itself against theAmerican Government, and he got thunderous applause. Now that the topic is out watch as the slippery slope effect takes place.

What really tickles me is the intellectual dishonesty. Beto the Burglar has said repeatedly "We are going to come and take your AR 15’s & AK 47’s, yet as soon as someone tells him where their AR’s & AK’s are he starts crying about they are trying to terrorize him, and silence him and he needs protectiom. Here’s a thought, I hear AR 15’s are real cheap out that way, why you might could even go to a gun show and explain your plight and one of those nice people you claimed would give away their guns, would give you one. Don’t forget your background check and make sure it’s the right kind of AR.

A few years ago, this sewage coming out of Presidential Candidates would have not happened.
The moderator, the crowd, the other candidates, would have muzzled him

But now the topic is being discussed, like it’s just another issue. It’s the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. It’s not a million dollars of pork for my constituents and I will vote for your bill.

Yes, every time, someone evil uses a tool that is meant to keep us free, for evil. My heart goes out to the victims. But we are talking really ridiculous odds.


I found this sometime back and it was interesting. As it gives some food for thought as to why the push to disarm.

These are some theoretical and hypothetical stats on how a civil war scenario odds would weigh, it indicates that at least 10% of the population would be required to successfully over throw a tyrannical government. These numbers reflect there more than enough to do so in theory. This is based on 4th generation hit and run tactics lead by trained military vets, breaking up of infrastructure, cutting off of resources to the “Clinton Islands”, the big what if is the government not deploying nuclear weapons against its own people so the world wouldn’t denounce the killing of rebel US citizens, or causing Russian and Chinese forces to back the US rebels.

The first photo gives the odds in favor of, the second photo is the ratio of military and LEO per population, the third and fourth photos show the areas that are either left or right minded politically and who voted for Clinton.


I’ve seen this. I’ve war gamed this as the Op Force, In my pre civilian life, a shockingly small # of people could bring about complete chaos that would hit certain demographics disproportionately.

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This is a thing I’d like to understand better… is there published material? A book or two?

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When I was on active duty 76-96 no officer or enlisted person would have moved against American civilians. While our forces are great I have some doubt that they still hold the Constitution to be the ultimate human authority. I hope I’m wrong.

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When we were still in CA, my hubby mentored quite a few young marines out of Camp Pendleton… he discussed the idea of the oath to obey constitutional orders, vs. just any order given. I think it was a pretty radical idea for most of them, shocking even.

I dont think they’re getting that in what they’re taught. I dont know how many have even considered it.


Unless boot camp has radically changed. One of the first things you are taught is the difference between a legal order and an illegal order.

An order to fire upon American Citizens, upon American soil is the very definition used of an illegal order. What should happen if an order such as that is given is that the next down in the chain of command has the author of that command arrested and confined to the brig. That’s the text book answer.

But I haven’t been in the military for 30+ years.

Now I am curious Zee, I have never worried that they (the Military) could be used against me because the Constitution is what we take an oath to protect. Is that not the case anymore. When I was in one of my many schools we had to sit through a series of lectures on the Geneva Convention and the Rules of War.

The US has shown incredible restraint since Vietnam, in not exercising the responses they are completely within the rules of war to have responded with in response to the opforces tactics. You want to read some scary stuff about what’s legal in war go read the Geneva Convention.

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