Pandamic Anxiety

Due :eyes:to C-Virus, looting and the election has anyone besides me gotten added protection? Because toilet paper and hand sanitizer maybe the last thing needed this 2nd go around. Online this online that mean loss of jobs and added pressure as single women we have become prey to people who have nothing to lose. please be safe this the start of War War III in the making​:v::eyes::white_check_mark:


Take a deep breath, and watch your 6. The mainstream media would have us believe that everyone you meet is out to get you. Yes, we have seen the worst of humanity on the news. But, how many more acts of selfless kindness have we seen this year. If you are a person of faith, remember that God is 100% in control. Also, in times like this is when the true patriots, come to the aid of those in need.


There are a lot of added pressures for many of us. Personally, I have been trying to maintain personal friends/family networks, fine tune my EDC gear, reorganize/reinventory my emergency bags and kits, and pretty much do the best to keep my overall situation orgazined, as to better deal with unplanned situations that pop up.

If you are concerned, maybe there are some courses that teach home security, public awareness, self defense, etc. that might be interesting, helpful, and give you a better sense of security as well. If you have a social network, like family, a church, friends, co-worker friends, maybe get together to talk about your anxieties and see if you can come together as a group for support… even if it’s a video conference or conference call meeting.

With limited social gatherings available, you might also find time to learn a new hobby (especially if it is something that you can enjoy the products of). Sometimes idleness can also hurt our mental health. This could also work well if you have a friend or family member that is interested in learning with you.

God Bless.



The Supreme Court just knocked down New York governor’s attempt to lock down places of worship.


Agree with others in regards to staying calm. But you should also be prepared. It’s not necessarily the easiest thing to do (especially last minute) but preppers have been doing it for decades now…work on keeping about a 3mo supply of household goods (and rotate through them), don’t let your gas tank fall below half, practice either at the range or dryfire at home (may be best to dryfire for awhile until the ammo comes back).

Definitely not easy for a single woman in this current pandemic economy, nor for a family with kids, or single parents. But start someplace small and build a little at a time until you get to a point where you feel squared away for your situation.

Who knows what storms may come our way…at least you’re thinking about it and taking action. So you’re a step ahead most! :slight_smile:


And that is something that I probably will never understand. What is more important - decision to make community safe or decision to keep the rights… no matter what… :thinking:

Keeping your rights. Yours, mine, and our personal safety, is not the job of the government. Self defense, also means your health and well-being. The less government involvement, the better.


:point_up: Let’s go with this one for a while…

Tobacco… nope gotta keep you safe
Alcohol… nope gotta keep you safe
That heroin we just made legal… nope gotta keep you safe
Cars that go over 80mph… nope gotta keep you safe
Cars that get to 80mph too fast,… nope gotta keep you safe
Bang sticks… nope gotta keep you safe
Police… nope gotta keep you safe
Sex outta wedlock… nope gotta keep you safe
Sharp sticks… nope gotta keep you u safe

Where does it stop once you open the floodgates…

Think about it, no one gave old folks a choice in having covid victims in the home with them, but now no one can go to church so we can keep safe… What’s that smell…??

Let’s write a story… let’s say there is a highly contagious virus with a relatively low mortality rate impacting the most vulnerable. The crew in the story has decided to shut down all of society, bankrupting a significant percentage of the population, and then to legislate and executive order their way back to good health… anyone care to predict how this story ends…


That’s why I wrote this:

Thanks God I have my brain functioning properly and I can say : I DO NOT CARE.

One day I’d like to read something like this:

The Supreme Court just knocked down magazine capacity limits.

The Supreme Court just knocked down bearing arms limitation.

Why’s that, The Supreme Court can make it right with 1st Amendment, but cannot with 2nd? :thinking:



The media always wants us to be afraid. I believe most people are good. What most concerns me is the media’s lack of covering violence, but even so, most people are not out and about causing trouble. Rest assured, America is filled with men and woman who are more capable, more prepared, and have real motivation to fight if, God forbid, it’s necessary.

Warning: I’m about to get preachy.

God is Good. Do what you can thats in your control and give the rest to Him.

Control: if you live in a state that has allowed perpetual violence, and fails to let law abiding citizens own what they need for protection move.

Train when you can.

This is a year of growth for all of us. I pray there is no violence. I have experienced great anxiety as well, BUT not crippling anxiety. I know I am willing to meet the challenges ahead. That comes from God, not my guns. I believe this is what Jesus meant by “those who live by the sword, die by the sword”. I own guns. I train. I am not a master at this. I told my wife yesterday, I prepare and prepare, but there’s still things out of my control.

Violence is ALWAYS the last option. Though these are rough times, I don’t believe we’re even close to needing to use violence (I feel closer than ever before, BUT that doesn’t mean we’re close). Patriotism, and love for Freedom given to us by God, Love for our families fuels most of us. That is a force not seen everywhere on earth. However, It runs deep in this country (though I fear some of our youth have learned to hate this country, but I think as they get older and have kids, they’ll get it. My world changed when my kid was born). I watch foreign nations rely on foreign help for aid, but America has the history of average people willing to stand for themselves.

Do what we can do, give the rest to God, and be at peace.

(If one lives in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, or any of these places, I really think the answer is to move if it’s financially feasible. People would think twice before carrying a guillotine down the street, threatening people’s homes and businesses in a pro 2A community :joy::rofl:).

I’ve taken to liking an occasional cigar in these strange times :joy:.


The information we are getting from the government and media about covid19 is totally wrong, and so are the official policies. These links will tell you enough:

Here’s an interview with an international expert in contagious disease:

…And here’s one of many articles written for the World Health Organization, the leading and most respected council of health experts anywhere:

We are being conned, we are being used, we’re being led by the nose by fear monger politicians in order for them to centralize control and revoke our freedoms once and for all in the name of safety and security from something blown so out of proportion that it may as well not even exist at all. The experts basically agree that “covid 19” is no more than a seasonal flu, and the people who have died were in very poor health and would have died of the flu anyway. The method they’ve been using to test for covid infection is 90% inaccurate because it’s hyper sensitive. There are about 1/10 as many cases as they tell us. We need to organize, rally, and call them on these facts and ensure the truth is broadcast globally so the false alarms stop and everyone can calm the sane hell down.

P.S. When we do straighten them out, let’s be good and sure the parties responsible for this farce go to jail for a long damn time.

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We need more women like you who carry. Those who would do harm should be afraid.
Not every woman needs to carry, just enough to keep the bad guys guessing.

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