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This will stop criminals :roll_eyes:


I always felt that the anti 2A prople were going to set their sights on the ammo supply. They’re smart enough to know that they cant get hundreds of millions of guns out of private hands, but it’s probably a lot easier to make ammo too expensive and hard to get.

Government doesn’t want people smoking, so they put ruinous taxes on cigarettes. They want you driving an electric car, so they go after the petroleum industry so you can’t afford gas.


If they make ammunition hard to acquire it is almost like gun control.


If this goes through Ammo prices in PA will skyrocket. It will also create a black market for out of state ammo. One should assume they know what they are doing, infringing upon the right to keep and bare arms.


The electorate – at least the minority that participate in elections in Pennsylvania --elected the big brains in Harrisburg who propose such things. The remedy is to recall them or not elect them in the first place.


Hey I have an idea! (you should all be scared wit-less @ this point in the conversation!)

We could put all the (1) MILLION ‘Migrants’ massing on our Borders, put them in a de-funked
sports stadiums and have them ‘inscribe’ serial numbers on ‘live’ rounds… it may take a while
but after a few chain reaction ‘incidents’ we may need MORE migrants (which there never ever seems to be a shortage of) to carry on the new family tradition. We could assign the real hero’s (MS13’s, cartel cowboy’s and Venezuelan hit squads to the Larger ordinance in more remote setting like Santa Fe NM and Sacramento CA! ( right by the guvner’s mansions)… Jus sayin’

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From the article:

“Each bullet would have a unique serial number located at its base, inside the cartridge casing, and outside the box of ammunition.”

Do they mean that a tiny serial number would have to be etched into the base of the actual bullet (not the base of the casing) along with somehow etching a serial number inside the casing itself? Am I reading that right? Is the expectation that this serial number in either location would somehow survive the bullet being fired and ending up in some target? How do they expect manufacturers to inscribe these numbers inside casings, then match them up with numbered bullets, then match them with a numbered box? How do they expect to make numbers small enough to fit small calibers? How do they expect to manage unique numbers for literally millions and millions of rounds of ammo manufactured? Those would be some long numbers!

The only small numbers here are the IQs of any idiotic lawmakers that signed onto that stupidity.

Still, the message for pro 2A people is clear as a bell. If they can’t take your guns, they’ll make it impossible for you to get ammo. That’s something for all of us to take seriously.


Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburg vote the fools in that propose this malarkey. The rest of us know how to vote. @Karacal thanks for this. I will reach out to my elected officials. (Who are already gonna vote against this anyway.)


Apparently, there are more people in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburg who vote for goofy legislators in Pennsylvania than all the voting ordinary folk who see the folly of a law requiring serial numbers on ammo. Sounds like the state wants to become a satellite state of New Jersey. Another reason not to live in Pennsylvania.


I would think that if PA passed this the vast majority of ammo manufactures would simply stop selling ammo in PA making it virtually unobtainable legally. Though criminals would have no issues getting all the ammo they want on the black market.


ALL thanks to the UK Resident Joke Bite Me Deministration! Remember what he said when he announced his running for re-election," I Have A Job To Finish".


No offense taken and none meant. But I keep hearing this line: “another good reason not to live in XYZ state.”

My responses are two fold. #1 PA is more conservative than almost all of the other states I’ve ever lived in. #2 Where then does one live and how does one rearrange all of the other facets of life besides geography to make life work? Throw in responsibilities to aging parents, children, work, church, etc. Folks on online forums are quick to reference something so complicated as extricating one’s self from all that life is and embarking on a pilgrimage to some anonymous gun loving, conservative paradise. Wish I knew exactly where the Garden of Eden is and exactly how to get there.

Edited to add that if we can find Eden, we better keep our bags packed for the next pilgrimage because this kind of thing seems to be spreading and it will be no time at all before we have to move to the next better state.

A little friendly sarcasm mixed in there. Again, no offense taken nor meant.


And like all other “gun control” laws, it likely will not apply to the “only ones”.


No offense intended, but none of the states I’ve lived in elected a legislature that even considered serializing ammo, and I moved to Colorado from New Jersey where Brian Aitken’s “The Blue Tent Sky: How the Left’s War on Guns Cost Me My Son and My Freedom” dystopian (but true) story is set. Before I lived in NJ, I lived and worked in DC when guns were utterly illegal. At some point in my life, I understood that voting with my feet and moving back home to Colorado (which is working hard to be California but has not reached PA’s legislative standards) was the best course of action.

If you want to retain your freedom and remain in Pennsylvania, you and fellow conservatives have to unelect the brain trust in Harrisburg. Otherwise, you should vote with your feet and abandon the state those who control your legislature to make the socialist utopia they so desire.


No offense taken. I appreciate the back and forth. My goal is to learn something from everyone I interact with. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from your perspective.

In general, I agree with your sentiment:

In practicality, as I’ve referenced above, I don’t find it so easy.

In particular, you stated,

From this I infer that you have been significantly attentive to the legislative process in each of the states you live in. I would never be able to say that “XYZ legislation has never been proposed in any state I have lived in” because I don’t follow it that closely. Sincere kudos for your level of involvement. At this stage of my life, I simply do not have the time to be involved politically with any amount of time commitment (shame on me perhaps, but life is like that).

Also in particular to the second half of your statement, if I were to make a geographic move, I would seriously consider the political climate of the state (along with a whole host of other geographic and economic considerations). A proposed (but not passed) bill considering such a stupid idea of serializing ammo would be one consideration among the many facets of firearms and self-defense laws. A quick review of the Utah Legal Heat app shows that those that produce that app rate PA 4 out of 5 stars for state laws on concealed carry and open carry. Overall, that indicates how gun friendly PA is compared to other states. Not too shabby on the whole.

Personally, a proposed (but not passed and unlikely to pass) bill is not my trigger to abandon a fantastic school for my children, wonderful employment for myself and my wife, aged parents that need care, a church that is like family to us and other things. Do those things exist other places, sure. But all things considered, we have it pretty good. If my grass is green here, why am I looking elsewhere? “Be content with such things as ye have” (Hebrews 13:5-6).

Again, just my perspective. I appreciate where you are coming from and appreciate the thought-provoking discussion.


There’s no easy answer for the people living in PA or any similar state. I’m originally from rural Western NY. My family are all still there, and I’d move back if I could, but only if NY would become a constitutional carry state. That’s never going to happen.

The problem is, there simply aren’t enough people upstate to counter the majority in NYC and surrounding liberal areas. It’s a classic case of “democracy” being three wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. Everyone upstate I know votes and cares, but there just aren’t enough people to counter all the votes from downstate. Look at Oregon. No place is safe. Thank God for the electoral college and the systems in the constitution to protect the country as a whole from this “majority rule” mindset.


I also find it interesting that the other individual lives in Colorado. The state that pursued a cake baker all the way to the SCOTUS for refusing to bake a cake celebrating a gender transition. And then started over with a frivolous lawsuit literally the same day or next day that the baker was exonerated by the SCOTUS.

My point is not to be anti-Colorado or anti the other poster. My point is that we can do this sort of thing all day with all kinds of weirdo things happening in states everywhere. (Feel free to find more stupidity out of PA, I’m sure it’s there. If I told you that I commute across the border out of PA, you’d really have a hay day.) The online call to relocate over one particular law (or even a group of them) is just easier said than done. And I respectfully think it’s overly narrow. That’s my only point.

Again, no offense meant and none taken.


I have to wonder if this will go the same way as California gun registery

It has to be quite difficult to serialize .22 lr


Nah, it’s easy. Use a hammer and a punch set. Make the politicians that want this do it. :sunglasses:


You know the criminals will a “dust bag” on the ejection window just like a radial saw has a dust bag to catch the debris.

Not sure how serial #’s are going to help anything.