The Dumbest Proposed Gun Control Bill of 2023

P.A. said hold my beer CA and watch this


It could be sheer stupidity, or it could be a cloaked attempt to make ammunition so expensive that only rich people can afford it.


Well, the morons did not exempt law enforcement and military, so I guess they will not be using ammunition after December 31, 2023, either.

If this ammuntion is able to be manufactured - and at a far higher cost than normal ammo - there will be a 5 cent per round tax imposed, with, of course, LE, military, etc., exempted. I, personally, do not see how a manfacturer could do this, and why bother for that one state with the high demand for ammo in the USA.

Duty of owner to dispose of ammunition.–On or before January 1, 2024, an owner of ammunition for use in a regulated firearm that is not encoded by the manufacturer in accordance with subsection (a) shall dispose of the ammunition.

Pennsylvania HB 586

(h) Funding for database.–The encoded ammunition database shall be funded by the encoded ammunition database tax.

Imposition of tax.–Except as otherwise provided under this section and subject to the provisions of this section, in addition to any other tax imposed under the law, a tax of five cents per round of ammunition is imposed on the sale at retail or use of encoded ammunition in this Commonwealth.

The tax imposed under this section shall not apply to a sale of encoded ammunition to a police force or other agency of the United States, this Commonwealth or a political subdivision of any state. A person who timely files a tax return is allowed, for the expense of collecting and paying the tax, a credit equal to 0.5% of the gross amount of the tax under this section.


I had bought a brand new truck. I took the young ones for a ride up into the mountains where we fished and camped. The next week my youngest found a can of spray paint and painted, I Love You! on my truck. It was bright red paint on a black truck.

The moral of the story is, He thought he was doing something special for me and he was doing it with love. As a good southern women would say, “My ain’t he so precious!” So when we look at people trying to make things better and they have no clue at what they are trying to do all you can say is, “Oh, how special!”


it only seeks to turn the law abiding into criminals.

Very true. This bill is a like a window into the mind of gun grabbers


We are already considered by them to be criminals. They believe that because we own firearms that we want to kill people. That lie is exposed when we do not read about 50 million or more people being killed in the USA by firearms each year.


Yes, and if you believe THEY dont own firearms - you are mistaken. If one group of armed folks wants to disarm another group of folks, you start wondering what they are really planning.


Hmmm …

A majority of the electorate in Pennsylvania elected the “brain trust” of legislators who proposed to require serialization of ammo.

Wanna fix these moronic laws? Recall a couple legislators or, better still, don’t elect them in the first place, both of which require showing at the polls or primaries.


We are already considered by them to be criminals

We are considered to be terrorists. Criminals are victims. Welcome to lefty world.
My present gov, former gov and POTUS have stated the former, and out justice system proves the latter. Thankfully, the backlash against our governor’s early release program stopped that. Even the majority smurfs in my state had enough.


Quote: It’s sad but true. Los Angeles, California passed a law requiring a fingerprint for all ammunition purchases in the 1990s. Many shooters opted to drive 10-15 miles to a local store and buy their ammunition. It was not a desire to subvert the law that prompted them to travel… It was a fear of the government. EndQuote" and another part said" basically to be in compliance (with the gubment) "Gunners by a certain date will have to “dispose” of all ammo not finger printed, secret decoder ring stamped whatthehellever! Well folks, I will be the FIRST to comply w/ those Not-zee ILLEGAL Anti-2A thought up by Idiots Laws/Rules/Restrictions/Mandates/State inspired lunacy… Don? You will?
Yes! I will ‘dispose’ of said ammunition in the asses of any gestapo agent of law enfarcement that see’s fit to inflict the laws of Pedophiles upon my life! .
There I hope the fudderal gubment rests easier knowing one of their sheep gunner’s will COMPLY w/ their asinine ‘whatever they can dream up to inflict pain on it’s citizenry’ regultions…

“knock, knock, knockin’ on Heavens door ! I-I-I-Eye yiy , yi-yi-yi!”

“Come and take 'em Armed Postal employee’s Albuquerque chapter!”

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There was some talk in Illinois, a couple of years ago, of putting serial numbers on ammo but thank God it did not go anywhere.


Ha ha, an idea so dumb that even Chicago had to turn it down.


And THAT’s sayin’ something brother!


It seems the government only wants to pass laws to strip the weapons from honest gun owners. I have yet to hear of a single law being proposed that seeks to remove guns from the hands of criminals. Have you?

Gun control has NEVER been about crime, it is about control. The libs will try anything to limit who has a gun or ammo. Safety, crime control, protecting our children, preventing suicide, . . . . . are ALL about limiting guns and ammo in the hands of Americans.