'Operation Summer Shield' nabs over 580 people

Well, huh. Who would have thunk it. :thinking:


Nice first step. Refreshing to see the focus shift to getting violent criminals and their guns off the streets instead of trying to disarm law abiding citizens. Even though that shift is likely short lived.

The big question is how long before these felons get back on the street? We all know one of the very first things the vast majority of them will do is rearm themselves as soon as the revolving door spits them back out.


The news report specifically said two ppl had murdered 4 people each. Bring back public hangings or make them pay per view.


…“Public hangings”

You have all the wood sir!
I’ll bring the nails,
Let’s get started!
Operation Neck Stretch!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I sure do have the wood! Nothing enough for anything fancy but enough for a basic hanging. I know we won’t do anything but it is fun to dream.

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Ya know TREES worked pretty good in ‘The good old day’s’
Cattle Rustler’s , Thieves’ and Murderers got the bite of the rope on
almost every frontier own square across this once great country.
If you want to bring US back from the brink, I got 200’ of good
quality ‘neck ties’ that have saved this old boys A-- many times from
going splat. I don’t climb anymore but I have a real fine ladder!

You have to start somewhere!