Open Carry Question

We getting ready for a trip to American free states. (We live in Kalifornia). So I I was wondering how open carry works in cold weather. Wearing a jacket would cover up the holster and firearm. Is that just not a problem in the free states? Call me paranoid, but I am from the Marxist state of Kalifornia.


If you’re asking if “covering up” is considered “concealed carry”, yes. Unless you’re in a state where citizens need “not” obtain a government permit to carry concealed.


First - be sure you can fluently operate your firearm once you change your holster / position.

I’m not negating the changes… but sometimes people try to be more comfortable and forgetting about the fact they cannot draw the firearm from the new setup.


You really need to review that on a State by State basis. Different States can have different definitions of what is and isn’t concealed. And some permitless carry States only allow concealed or open permitless carry while some allow both. I personally prefer concealed carry when allowed.

It’s also good to review the various self defense laws in the different States you will be in since they differ as well.

Hope you enjoy your taste of freedom and ability to exercise your right to self defense! I always feel like I am checking myself into a prison every time I cross into CA:(


Read my recent posting on cold weather-wear advice in Guns & Gear - Ohio became a constitutional-carry state this year, but you still have to remain concealed. I think only TX and VT allow open-carry options.


Imagine going from the belly of the beast Sacramento to Yellowstone by way of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
Then, on the way back, go through Utah and Arizona.

Download the USCCA app.

By the way, do you have another state’s nonresident permit?


Arizona and several others do as well.


I believe the question is," Where are you going? " “What states are you going to venture into?” Like the others have said, “Each state has different laws.” Washington state has open carry but what good that does you I do not know!


Most people don’t open carry, most people conceal carry. Especially in the winter. I don’t think I have ever seen a person openly carrying in winter coat weather. As a matter of practicality it would be difficult to do. Concealed is what 99.9% or so opt for.

If you list the states, that would help.

It would also help to get some non resident permits ahead of time, such as from Utah and Florida.


If I’m not mistaken KY allows for open carry. Come on down we have some lovely weather right now.


Like everyone has said, check each state’s laws. But you must remember open carry announces to good and bad people your defensive ability , and you give up the element of surprise and makes you the first target if the bad people are serious. I would not give up any advantage in a fight. Many years ago I was in a South Carolina police academy and the first thing we were taught was do not draw until you are going to use it. But what do I know I was also taught to shoot to Kill on the first round, the same with the USMC and deer hunting. That means I was taught to use the gun , not do a mag dump and hope to hit something, that means if you can not hit what you aim for learn and practice until you can draw aim , clear jams and reload in every position you can get into. OH and move out the republic of Cali.


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Okay gentlemen, I appreciate your comments. Just to clarify, I used USCCA’s map of the sate gun laws and made a matrix of the states I’ll be traveling in. So now I know what the laws are state by state, I was just wondering about open carry in those states that allow it and whether or not a jacket covering the gun would be an issue. That’s all, but thanks again for the responses to my question. In case you’re wondering, I’ll be in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.


Concealed is concealed. If part of it isn’t concealed, that, again, becomes a state by state issue.

Which states might you be in that allow you to open carry but not conceal?

Do you have any state issued carry permits?

Looks like Nevada and Colorado according to the OP’s list. Unless they have a recognized carry permit. Though there are likely local jurisdictions in both those states that don’t allow open carry as well.


In Colorado, we refer to it as the “jacket law.” It is legal to openly carry. It is legal to carry concealed in your house. A firearm is no considered concealed if carried on or off your person in a motor vehicle.

But, put a jacket on over your firearm and that a crime.


Residents only, I suppose.

Would it apply to nonresidents with CCW permit not recognized by CO? Asking for a friend.

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Open carry is legal in Colorado for any person who is at least 18 years old and who can legally possess a firearm, except in Denver county and other posted areas. Local governments may enact regulations prohibiting open carrying of firearms in a building or specific area within the local government’s jurisdiction, as long as signs are posted to that effect.