Strange Request to Open Carry

Just filled up the tank at a local QT (Quik Trip). Most everyone there knows me by face or name. The store manager asked why I didn’t open carry today (it is not my preferred method at all). He said he prefers his “regulars” to open carry in his store. He said I would get more free fountain drinks. Lol. I asked “are you sure?”. He responded with “This is Texas”… followed by a big smile and a wink.
Has anyone else ever had requests to open carry in a business?


At the Range. During holster / advanced classes Instructor always asks to use OWB holsters without covering cloths.
First time I thought it was because it’s easier to draw… but then I was told it was because of our safety. It’s better to see and know who is carrying at the moment.


Reminds me of that Texas State Trooper when I was a teen and they found a 25 MM magazine in the rented car. He said, “THIS IS TEXAS SON, YOU CAN HAVE A GUN!


To answer your question, yes…my convenient store always appreciates me for being a law-abiding citizen carrying in their store. Now they don’t say “We want you to open carry” but they have thanked me. In which I take that as. “Please carry in the store.”


No never to His/Your question but that man should get a sign or two stating something along the line of “Open Carry Welcome or; Open Carry Encouraged something to denote his support of the Bill of Rights


I love Texas.
I’ve been in restaurant Downtown Austin and seen the sign:
I’m IL resident, so it is OK with me…
But when I’ve stepped closer I’ve noticed something below the sign:
“Please conceal your weapon”



That is a cool sign then!



In Wisconsin it is “Kwik Trip” and I stop every morning on my way to work for a cup of coffee. Almost everyone that works the two shifts I show up in-between knows who I am and that I carry.

Part of this is because one of the bakers knows both my wife and I. She asked me in the store one day about CC and what the laws were to get one. She also said I was the only one she knew who carried that she felt comfortable asking.

Occasionally one of the towns finest stops in the same time I am there, we nod and smile as we pass each other.

I was once told by one of the cashiers my coffee was on the house that day because I let the shady looking guy go ahead of me and stayed in the store until he left. I didn’t tell her I just got out of line because I forgot something. (I will admit I was watching him from the time I walked in the door but did not get a “bad guy” vibe from him, he just looked a bit out of place and in need of a shower.)