Arming/Disarming oneself when necessary

I’m relatively new to weapons and EDC a PPK.

I have to disarm/rearm at my place of business because they do not allow weapons in the building. Some businesses around here also a no-weapon policy, like doctors offices.

Could anyone point me to a video or give tips on how to disarm oneself without people noticing?

This is what I do now: I carry at 4 o’clock IWB. For me it is easiest to do all this standing up. I open my rear door, open my safe, turn my right side into it, pull the weapon and holster out as one such that it is mostly shielded from view. I then take the package to place it in the car’s safe or take it out to put it in my belt.

The entire procedure is pretty quick and I try to be really careful not to advertise it.
A car is not a holster and I feel weird leaving it there, even in a decent hidden safe. What if some thief notices me leave a weapon? It really worries me, should it fall into the wrong hands.

From a legal point of view, is someone seeing me arm/disarm considered brandishing?
How would I deal with police, should they be called? Connecticut isn’t 2A friendly - People have been known to have cows for just seeing a weapon. I’ve heard.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


Welcome to the forum!

Re someone seeing your gun, does CT require you to report to issuing authority if someone inadvertently saw your concealed carry gun?
In CA, it’s a must so I’m extra careful. It’s no longer a question of whether it’s brandishing or not.

As for your other concerns,
Concealed is concealed. YMMV.


Remco, I too live in CT and cannot bring a weapon into the building. It is permissible to have it securely stored in the vehicle. What I do is bring the empty holster into work and discreetly put it on before leaving the building. When I get to my truck, I do the same as you and pull the weapon out of the safe and instantly put in the holster while my right side is turned toward the interior of the truck. Only takes a few seconds.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it is easier to carry concealed while wearing a jacket.


Thanks! I don’t think we have to report it here. Wow - I’ve heard of CA gun laws being more restrictive than ours…


Thanks, Micheal. At work, I’m less worried about people seeing it because there are plenty of people that are in favor of 2A. I like your suggestion and will try that. Wrestling an IWB holster in place can be a challenge. It would definitely help to put it on in the building.


Can you secure your firearm before exiting the vehicle?
We’re all built differently and we all carry differently, so I know this isn’t possible for everyone.

Usually when I’m driving, I secure my firearm off my person. It’s easier for me to access, especially with a seatbelt on. If you have to get out of the car to remove your firearm, this might be something to consider. How would you unholster your firearm if you suddenly needed it while driving?

Because my firearm is already off my body when I’m driving, it’s not a big deal to leave it in the car when I need it. (Note: you might have the opposite problem if you have to get out of the car before you put it on.)

It’s smart to think about car robberies. Try to hide/lock it somewhere in the vehicle. Most car thefts are smash-and-grabs. They’re going to break your window and grab everything they see before they run away. Few thieves are going to take the time to rummage under your seats or try to break open a locked console / glovebox. In the unlikely event that they do, or that they steal your entire vehicle, be sure to have your firearm’s serial number recorded elsewhere so that you can report it as stolen. No one wants their name connected to a firearm used in a crime.


Thanks for that. You do have a good point on the location of my weapon: It is canted forward but the seat belt has to come off. So, before you start driving anywhere, you secure the weapon such that you can get to it in a hurry? I hadn’t thought of that and like what you are suggesting.
I’ve seen decent biometric drawers that slide under the seat. Maybe that’s a good approach, should I do this. Definitely worth thinking about - maybe for my secondary vehicle (truck).

I do have a decent safe with a key lock, bolted and welded to the seat frame, hidden. I have a cheap safe in the trunk with just a bunch of heavy stuff in it to act as a decoy. It is in plain sight once the trunk is open but bolted down and welded shut. Should they look, they’ll find that brick first and waste time on it.


You’re not doing anything wrong, so don’t make it look like you’re doing anything wrong. Thankfully I live in an area that’s not communist!
I re-holster my weapon as if it’s as normal as putting on my seatbelt. I don’t hide it. It takes less than 2 seconds and most of the population is obliviously heads down on a phone!

As far as my gear is concerned, holster, extra mag pouches are worn 24/7/365. Actual firearms and magazines ( depending on where I’m going, are securely stowed in my vehicle ).

Reading your area and being confident about your surroundings is key! Scan near to far, case the place! Are there places you can park that don’t put you in an ambush zone, are there places you can park that can give you better cover from prying eyes?

Technically “brandishing” is displaying a weapon angrily or with malicious intent!
I’m just guessing here but “open carry is prohibited in all public areas unless one has a CT permit!”
If that’s the case and a civilian notices you holstering your weapon is not a crime, as far as a thug standing around waiting for you to re-holster and steel it from you or your car is no worse than the car being stolen while it’s still in the safe! A properly locked firearm in a safe inside a locked vehicle is secured and lawful. As far as I recall, stealing the car is the offense and a crime!
I understand the feeling you may have if your car is stolen, but the same thing can happen at your home while you’re on vacation!


Remco,look on the pro gear site and look for deep cover shoulder holster,i have been using one since 65 and have never been caught carrying a weapon,but I wear western shirts with snaps so even with seat belt on you can still draw,but I never wear a seat belt any way and it does not print at all


Welcome to the Community @Rem. We are happy to have you with us.

Here is a link to a video that Kevin Michalowski and Tom Grieve covered about not being able to carry your firearm at work. I hope this helps out some.


Welcome to the family @Rem and it is a pleasure having you here.


@Rem Welcome to the community, and as you can see with all the great advice given you’re at the right place. Looks like you’re doing everything right, just always be aware of your surroundings and head on a swivel whenever and wherever you are doing your thing. On one note though, IF you don’t HAVE ONE “GET ONE”, LOCK your steering wheel. GET “THE CLUB” at your Autoparts store. I don’t leave home without it. I’ve known friends in addition to using “THE CLUB” they tie a chain around the bottom part of the steering wheel then wrap it around the brake peddle and lock it with a key lock to deter car theft.


Another good one that slows down smash-and-grab thieves, they’re discouraged and move on to the next car.


I moved from 4 o’clock to about 2:30ish. I carry full size and an Aliengear holster (Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB). Once the bottom of the alien skin molds to my body it is very comfortable and makes it reasonably easy to remove the pistol… i don’t remove the holster. In my Ram I have a Console Vault gun safe and that makes it easy to secure. I’m not a fan of off body carry in a vehicle. If carjacked they get your car and firearm potentially-- just my preference-- no judgment.


I prefer to do this in the car. Too many eyes in many places to do standing outside the car for my liking, and then everybody knows it’s unattended there.

I have tinted windows and I will put a sun visor in the windshield when I park (even in winter, for privacy, and they make some whose job it is to absorb heat for winter, and some that go on the outside to keep ice off even). Then I remove from the driver seat in privacy. It takes more effort than standing to do safely, but time is not a factor since I’m concealed then (also helps to drive a truck due to the height vs sitting down below people in a car)


Exactly the problem of disarming before entering a GFZ. You can take the suggestions of everyone here, it does not change the issue of leaving a firearm in a vehicle. The only other suggestion I have is to remove the slide and place the slide or barrel elsewhere as I would suspect a criminal would not waste time stealing a firearm missing integral parts.


IMHO I wouldn’t even bother carrying the pistola if you are getting into your car, driving to work then getting out. Put it in your lunch box, computer bag, attache case, briefcase, whatever before you walk out the door. Throw it on the passenger seat for the drive. Before you get out of the car stuff it where you were going to put it anyway and go to work. Going home reverse, rinse and repeat.

The odds of you needing a pistol in a moving vehicle are pretty doggone slim and you have a loud pedal under your right foot that is much more effective. Just because you have a gun does not mean that it is the only self defense tool you have. On any given day I have between 210 and 525 ponies under my right foot and anywhere between 3800 and 7900 lbs of moving steel and plastic that I can aim. Judicious use of gas and or brakes can place you in a preferred position to escape, evade or attack.

That said I do subscribe to the “sun shield” windshield reflector for a whole host of of reasons other than it provides pretty good visual security for strapping a gun on while sitting in the front seat.

Pro Tip: Keep your car “CLEAN” as in no bunches of stuff in the back seat / front seat etc. If they are going to break into your car and not steal it they are looking for “bonus” stuff. Keep the gun and political stickers off your car, they draw flies.




Interesting, I live in an open/concealed carry state so if someone sees my EDC it’s no big deal, unless they are of the “OH MY GOD, You Have A Gun” crowd, then I would have to deal with that but legally it’s no big deal. I also work at a job that has a no firearms line in the handbook. Many still carry into the facility, to date I know of no one that has even been called out for having a firearm in the building. That Said, If you work in an area that is (A) Prone to prying eyes that have the police on speed dial or (B) Infested with criminal vermin that go around checking car doors, I would not get out of the car with the gun. I would devise a way to hide/secure it before I even open the car door.


I am truly humbled by all your well-thought-out comments and suggestions - many I had not even thought about. Thank you so much!
I’d thank you individually but this thread would end up being twice as long.

Note: I’m brand new to firearms. In February of this year, at the urging of my son, I took a safety class. At that time, I wasn’t against 2A so wasn’t one of the people that went around saying we should ban guns, etc - but just didn’t think fire arm ownership was necessary for me.
Well, that class changed my mind!
I’ve since suggested to others they take one if anything just to educate themselves.

When I finally got my permit in June (yes, a crazy long process), I bought an M&P 22 and carefully started carrying it, just to get used to it. I have since bought an M&P 9mm, a Walther PPK, and a Ruger 22 rifle.
I totally get it now, almost 10 months later.
The Walther feels most comfortable for EDC for me.

2A is a superb right but with it comes responsibilities for me: A weapon should be carried, accessible, and ready (one in the chamber) but also safe. You need a good gun belt, good holster, trigger/muscle discipline, safe storage, make it inaccessible to people that should not have access, etc - it was a lot to absorb for me. Ever since February, I have visited the range twice a week. First to develop muscle memory but I’ve come to enjoy target shooting a lot - who knew it was this relaxing?
I hope never to need to use it for defensive purposes, but the same can be said about a fire extinguisher.
I’ve taken several classes to learn as much as possible because I’m a total newbie. This site is a great resource as well.

Since CT law says you have to abide by “no gun” policies, I’ll respect that, so that’s where my question came from. I need the ability to disarm/rearm without people knowing what I’m doing.

CT requires one to go through a safety course that’s approved so it is usually an NRA course. You can only purchase guns and ammo if you have a permit. Our permits allow for carrying a weapon. There are other permits that allow ownership, but those are highly restrictive, so they are not really worth the trouble, IMO.
Most permits are “Concealed Carry Permits” but CT is an “Open Carry” state, believe it or not:

That does not mean that some people won’t have cows when they see a weapon, so it is generally understood not to push that issue to invite trouble. Sandy Hook was a horrible thing and, while it has nothing to do with responsible weapon ownership, sentiments can run hot, which I can understand. People can get in your face. Some can call the police on you – nobody needs that noise.
There’s no point in getting people upset.

But I’m rambling now:
Thanks for all the suggestions. You’ve given me a lot to think about.


I will park where there are few people-- if possible… that way if I have to reholster out of my vehicle there is much more privacy I will say, however, I’m really getting tired of having to play the gray-man.