Online Ordering Guns?

I always talk to my local dealer to see if (1) can he get the firearm (2) Can he get close on price. He has online tool that lets him see best price at online sites and I always tell him what I’ve found. He will tell me two things, (1) if there is a better price than what I’ve found (2) how close he can get to it. He is not bothered if I select online. I also buy accessories from him. It seems to work in both our favors.


New, I’ve done a couple. Figure if there are issues it can go back to dealer initially (before firing) or mfg if operating problems. Used, I’d be pretty wary buying unseen/ unhandled. The proverbial pig in a poke.

Having a local FFL makes gun purchasing less of a waste of time, for me.

Ships to FFL, and in 15 minutes I can walk out.

At big gun stores in Connecticut, it can take 3 hours.

It works for me. Maybe not you.

I work for a range that also has a store attached and they do gun sales. It’s family-owned and operated. They feed the staff lunch on the weekends (was the only home-made meal I had every week a few years ago when I started there). They are willing to negotiate a bit, but they have to make a living too. I’d highly suggest seeing what your local gun range/retailer can do for you price-wise. :slight_smile:

The USCCA has a new Official Partner program where we’re partnering with your local range and retailer - you can see if there are any in your area:

No guarantees that they’re going to be able to give you a better deal, but it might be worth the conversation! :slight_smile:


My local range is set up in a similar fashion. They sell have a good amount of guns on sale for slightly higher prices. They have a good layaway option. It’s %20 down and 120 days to pay. That amount of time may justify the slightly higher price. They also work as an FFL.

Depends. Get a account and ensure transfers go thru an FFL.

And BTW, ATTN VETERANS: I saw that AAFES is opening to vets, not just AD + retired. They sell firearms online and on base.
Dunno about NEX…


I ordered my most recent firearm(Sig Sauer P238 Legion) from They shipped very quickly to my FFL. Because of premium membership at DFW Gun Range I get 4 free transfers per year. The process was smooth and painless


Buds is a great dealer. Have an uncle who lives just across the state border in Ky who does lots of business with them. I haven’t, so am presuming based on his opinion. Since he gave me my first gun and watched me fire a 12ga when I was shorter than the gun, I trust his opinions a lot :smile:


The only problem I have with Gunbroker–I have used them for many transfers–is they have started some really annoying spam type marketing. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


I mostly use the online retailers as a place to check prices. All of my purchases thus far have been from local establishments. I value the personal relationships as much, or more, than the potential savings. (Within reason, of course!)

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This is so easy to resolve. NEVER again buy anything from Cheaper Than Dirt. And remind everyone you know. This is strike 3 for this business.


Ive ordered many guns from buds and grabagun. never any issues. as long as you know what it is you’re buying (you’ve handled the model and know it’s what you want).


Duly noted- Thx! :slight_smile:


Exactly, vote with your pocket book. It not only teaches them a lesson it also makes them an example for anyone else considering taking advantage of a ammo shortage. If you see anyone doing advertising for them complain to them as well.


I’ve only ordered online from Palmetto State. Classic Firearms carries a few PCCs I like but they’re always out of stock.

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Just ran across an online buy/sell gun site I’d not seen before -


Hey Orpackrat. Where do you normally purchase online?

Depends what i’m after. I’ve had luck with nearly any reputable place I’ve tried, including guntrader and phone orders to small shops not located near me. Try:

Dahlonega Gold and Pawn
Palmetto State Armory
G4G Guns
Gun Prime
The Exchange
Tooele Shooting Supply
Guns Midwest
Rome gun pawn in GA
DE Guns Discount Enterprises


I purchase very little online.

Most recent things bought online was some magazines, an AR15 grip and commercial tube Stock, few slings and Mlok or Picatinny mounts…

The rest I just tell my preferred gun shop and buy them as I can often get things cheaper through my shop than online.