One year until renewal

I just took a look at my CCW card yesterday and it’ll be a year until I have to start the process over again, which makes it seem like a good time to take stock in my training, and contemplate my EDC equipment, and my attitude.
I was wondering if anyone else here has the same thoughts? What do you find important to reconsider or contemplate?
I try to improve some of my gear each year—last year it was three new 8 rd magazines for my 1911.
This year I’m leaning towards some new leather----I’m not exactly sure what though.
I’ve already started looking at classes being offered locally.
I always enjoy the classes I’ve taken in the past but I miss the Hogan’s Alley type shooting we did at the SO range. Unfortunately, that’s not available at the local private ranges and I’m unable to access the SO range any more.


Have you considered Gunsite or something similar?

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I carry a 1911 and also use leather holsters and I swear by Galco


Aren’t you in CA or one of those other States where you can only carry the specific firearms that are listed on your license?

That would make the decision of what you own and what you might want/need to carry in the future a lot more important. I’d want to make sure my primary carry was in solid shape and even if it was I would want a backup in case it had some issue or was taken into LEO custody after a self defense incident. Then I would want to make sure I had a smaller option for more discreet situations and maybe a larger option in case a situation arose where I felt I needed more capacity/capability. At that point I think your already over your allowed limit in CA and you don’t have any backup options for the less carried handguns. Tough choices when your State makes you limit your legal options for no logical reason.

Hopefully you can find some advanced training that meets your State’s training requirements.

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The funny thing is CA doesn’t require much in the way of required training (so far) other than 50 rds at a stationary target (B-29) and reviewing legal issues.
At least the range I renew at gives us some time with laser shooting Glocks and video scenarios. Thats lots of fun and adds some welcome stress level.
I would llke to get back ups for both my handguns, but they’re 30 years old and never were on the State roster,
and the chances of finding them on the used market is lousy in CA.


Maybe the only good thing about the CA roster is that it limits your options so much that it is a lot harder to find new firearms you actually want to buy. Could save you a lot of money;):frowning:

Maybe you can find something on the roster that is similar enough to your current carry options to serve as a backup?


What is an SO range?

The Sheriff’s Office/ Peace Officer’s Association range. I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot there for quite a few years.


You may wish to consider whether to renew a CCW license at all. After all, it places your name and particulars in a government database of firearms owners. In my state (Colorado) the local sheriff used to register CCW holders in the NCIS database, so if you were stopped, your name would pop up as a firearms owner, turning routine traffic stops into something more tense.

I prefer being legal.
I am sorry to hear about what’s going on in Colorado.
It sounds a lot like CA!

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Colorado’s workin’ hard to become California.

Sad. Very sad.