Ohio Veterans don't need to pay the fees or take the class!

2 years ago I took the CCW class, did all the paperwork but did not go through with turning it in.

Now as I am reconsidering I find out that one year ago they passed a law to allow honorably discharged veterans to waive the fee and the training class for the permit in Ohio. This is great news, I am going to get all the forms filled out again for the background check and turn it in when I can leave the house lol.

As I recently Joined USCCA, now I can go through all the online training they have to get up to speed on being a more responsible Concealed Firearm License holder.

If you know a veteran in Ohio, you should let them know. I wish someone would have told me :slight_smile:


Thank you for your service, @James358! A number of states offer to waive the class requirement for their permits to honorably discharged military.

Personally, I’m glad you took the course! There are a lot of differences between military and civilian carrying and laws.

When you talk to other veterans, let them know if they opt out of the class, they can find out about their carry laws quickly at www.uscca.com/laws where we’ve got the reciprocity and carry laws for each state. It’s always a good refresher too.

Welcome to the USCCA Family, @James358!!


I have a coworker in our Cleveland office (I am in Wisconsin) who told me about this. He also mentioned how there are many places in Ohio which give additional discounts for veterans.


We offer no charge firearms training to Veterans. I am not a vet, so it is my way of paying back. One of our fellow USCCA training counselors and an instructor, volunteers, and also his wife, at a shelter, shelter is funded by private sector. Top floor of this facility is dedicated to homeless veterans. When we toured the facility, I almost couldn’t handle it. He also trains veterans at no cost.

The Wright-Patt Bx informed me back in January I think, when I bought another pistol that ALL CCL renewal fees are waived, and it’s no longer required to wait until within 6 months of expiration to renew…

The same (sort of ) applies in California. If you are honorably discharged or retired from the military, the requirement for a firearm safety certificate is waived.