October drill of the Month 2023

I have not done drills for a while but this one is one I have been practicing for a while and I like the results.
It is a simple drawing your weapon drill.
From your carry position

  1. grasp your grips with a firm grip.
  2. Draw gun from holster.
  3. Move from low ready to high ready.
  4. Extend arms to shooting position.

First you do this slow and steady and build up your speed doing this ten times.

Then set a timer and see how fast you can do this safely.
A second in a half? The set the timer for one second and practice till you can beat your time.

The long-term goal is a .5 second draw on a consistent basis.
Do you need a video of this?

Getting Reps. #train - YouTube

How To Get A Sub-Second Draw With World and National Champion Shooter JJ Racaza - YouTube

How to quickly draw out of a tactical holster with world record shooter, Jerry Miculek (60FPS) - YouTube

Either way, work your proficiency up slowly and make your draws become natural and accurate. Accuracy is the key to successful draw.

THIS Is How Fast Your Draw Speed Should Be… - YouTube

5 Point Draw Drill With 360 Degree: Tactical Tuesday - YouTube

LEARN THIS: Immortal Words on Winning Gunfights from a Legend Wyatt Earp - YouTube

Be safe and practice, practice, practice and train.



Are these :point_down: just steps of draw process?

And ,does the goal of .5 sec is for the whole process? Seems to be impossible for most of people… :thinking:


Great video. I love watching Tactical Hive as well.

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It would be nice to get to .5 seconds myself but as long as I can continue to train and get to 1 second draw it would be cool. .5 seconds is a goal to push to and may be unrealistic but if you can improve from 3 seconds to 2 seconds then you have achieved improvement and that is what this is all about, just improving.


Is five seconds a bit longer than you have to still be alive :question: 8, seconds and you can be A world champion bull rider :question::us::owl::feather::feather::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::us::chile::o:

That’s more like it speed kills beat the bad guys Train train train I practice with my six guns and I think I AM fast I AM getting a timer to see if I AM just a legend in my own mind but I’m fast so I think I will see if I can shoot the timer before it goes off in two seconds :question:

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great idea, also “dry fire” after you draw. Then also, put a dime on your front sight and see if you can dry fire and keep the dime on that sight!


I use an empty 9mm casing


Then I would be.SO BROKE I COULD NOT EVEN SEE THE TARGET :bangbang::owl::feather::feather::us::chile::100:Bobby Jean