Draw speed?

Bob Munden held 18 world records in fast draw and is called the Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived by Guinness World Records.
From https://bobmunden.com/about/records-amazing-feats/

Self-Start: Fastest Time: .0175 hundredths of one second – Guinness Book of World Records Museum, New York, 1976.

How fast do you present your firearm from the holster?


In standard April - Sept clothing (no jacket) I’m right around 2.1 - 2.25……I’ve been told that’s fine but also hear I should be around 2.0 or lower.

In standard Oct - Mar clothing (including sweaters, sweatshirts, open jacket, but not a parka) I’m at 2.5 - 2.75.

If I’m wearing a heavy jacket/parka then my time is much much slower in that I’m planning on “working my way to a draw.”


A friend videoed me. From start, to empty 10+1 rounds on target was sub 3 seconds. The draw was just under, 2 seconds. All rounds center of mass at 4-5 yards.


Grab your stopwatch and tell me. :blush: BTW… I am certain I have done this drill over 3,000 times. No ADs.

EDIT: I only wanted to post my draw for a limited time. I have removed the .gif as I planned to do when I posted it.


Just watching the last video, very impressive. I do a lot of Western Reenactments, kind of popular here in Wyoming, and from my tied down rig, I’m pretty fast for an old guy (72), but I practice slot so the young whippersnappers will remain impressed. Haven’t done much from CC holster, but will start practicing today.


@John266 Welcome to the forum. Remember 72 is the new 30. :+1:


I think my best EVER timed shots were a 0.42 & 0.47 from a “non-threatening stance” from a thigh rig and I’m pretty sure I lit them off from a retention position. Since only hits count, Yes I did hit the steel at 7 yards, TWICE. It REALLY pissed off the range owner who fancied himself a pistolero since my warm up was a couple of slooowwww grab and draws with no shot’s fired and then I toddled off to go shoot my rifle :innocent:. From concealment I think the last time I checked was somewhere around 1.70 ish from the same hands over belt buckle stance in a flannel shirt.




2 defensively accurate rounds on target in 1.5 seconds or less is the standard I suggest my students to get trained to. Obviously faster is better.

In my concealed carry classes we do this very drill with SIRT pistols and owb holsters. The students cant always do it at first but after 10 or 15 draws and some muscle memory, almost everyone can do it.

Why is 1.5 seconds such a magical number? It’s not. 1.5 seconds is an arbitrary number based on the well known tueller principal, that is the average able bodied man can run a distance of 21’ in 1.5 seconds. But we also know most self defense shootings typically happen at distances less than 15’. So really your draw and shoot should be much better than 1.5 seconds, if physically possible.

If your time to draw and fire is greater than 1.5 seconds you really should increase your zone of awareness accordingly. 3 seconds is a lifetime in a gunfight.

If you want to become a master at this, I encourage you to attend a USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundementals class. I can almost guarantee by the end of the day, you will improve most of your shooting abilities including the time it takes you to draw and fire.