Wait your turn; take your turn

This TTT blog post is really reposts from Active Self Protection, knitted together with a little commentary. But it is useful to see the ASP U2be & IG items in a coherent single message.

Where is the timer in a gunfight?
How fast is your draw to first shot?
When do you use it?
– wisdom from John Correia


Good article. I notice it supports a lot of the comments I’ve read on this forum. Draw speed matters, but keeping a calm head matters more. Any confrontation with a bad guy involves gambling, there’s no one answer that will keep you safe in every situation.


I love John’s channel in that it’s actual factual real life. Not a hypothetical, not a fairy tale, not a “I’ll just ___”, but reality.

And his “wait your turn” is one of my favorite takeaways. While some people on the channel have drawn on a drawn gun with success, most of the time, in most situations, it is possible to “wait your turn”.

But even then, the quicker your draw, the earlier you might be able to take your turn, or the more turns you might have a shot at, so while it’s often not a stereotypical “quick draw”…having a quicker draw to first hit is often a benefit.

I also like his use of “FIBS” and “meaty bits” and “awareness buys you time, time buys you options”


Cooler heads always prevail! I guess it all comes down to


I like what he said in a related article:

Research has shown that pulling your gun quickly, upon observing a threat, is a great way to get killed.


OODA for every occasion! Learned this on the first date!
Let’s take it from the top, slow is smooth, smooth is in control!