October drill of the Month 2023

Jerzeey Brother After I seen all the laws being changed and the atf and you can not sell a firearm to a family member or a friend or anyone else that is legally responsible?? I just don’t understand why this is happening to good people the government wants us to be over taken by all the invaders that are coming to vote for an election and they are thanking our president and he our president is putting army’s to gather for us the law abiding citizens to take away our freedoms and if need be kill us all. !! And we are just watching this truly happening in our country and we are just waiting for the government to attack us the government against the American citizens and this is sad foreign people are here illegally and our government is paying them to attack us the people of the United States :us: and we are watching this every day and no one is saying that the government is going to attack the American people . And they are trying to dis arm us . And they are giving our country to illegal foreigners. And we are watching this every day.!! And no one better say anything about this or they are going to get arrested or killed first???:question::us::us::us::question:

Nothing we can do right now. I’m patient. I’m learning firearms from the best and passing my knowledge to others. That is my mission. I’m too small to do bigger things.
Hopefully with more responsible gun owners we can soon repair what had been destroyed for last 3 years.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. (MLK, Jr)


Well said SIR LOVE YOU I WANT YOU TO KNOW YOU HAVE TAUGHT ME SO MUCH I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU KAZ I HAVE GOT GREAT INFORMATION FROM YOU AND YOU HAVE ALWAYS SHOWN ME REST AND JUST LIKE I THOUGHT I GOT AN M.4 I had to open the box and then I was just so confused and happy KAZ I got a kool present :gift: and then I figured out that Debbie ann said that was all I was going to get with every thing going on she said that be happy KAZ I got a great tool and if they out law any thing I will not get my long gun taken . And if I was unhappy Santos would come take back my presents and not no no no I’m happy that’s great it my present :gift: and Debbie ann said that we just don’t want problems with any . New laws and she would call Santos to take it back and I said I am happy and it is very very nice thank you for me presents . So that’s is why the AMO did not fit KAZ IT JUST LIPSTICK BUT IT’S PRETTY AND I AM THANKFUL . At least I got presents for Christmas . And I am very very excited on Christmas I can see how everything looks and works if Debbie ann does not call Santos and say I was bad Bobby Jean and the boss lady Debbie ann I know I know .:sunflower::v:t5::gift::gift::gift::partying_face::us::chile: