Oblivious people

So I’m sitting at the car dealer getting my wife’s car oil changed right now. On the way here I had the strangest experience.

I was sitting at a traffic light, in heavy traffic, on a 6 lane major road with businesses all along the sides (not in the best area of the county, but not horrible). As I sat at the light I heard a disctintive bang. It sounded almost like something had hit the roof of my car, but not really. I thought maybe a kid has one of those turbo cars that overruns boost and backfired. Then I heard it twice more in quick succession, and again I felt like I felt it on top of my car. I rolled the window down and heard it twice more, but this tine I could hear the unmistakable crack of a supersonic bullet. Someone was firing what sounded like a .223 in heavy traffic. I started spinning all around looking for the shooter. There were people in the parking lot of a Panera, paying no attention, and others pumping gas on the other side of the street, also totally oblivious.

I thought, am I losing my mind? Am I the only one hearing rifle shots??? The light turned green and I hauled ass as quick as I could. I never did spot the shooter. WTF?


Similar happened to me, in my condo. We were sitting here one evening.
‘BANG’ ‘BANG’ ‘BANG’ pause ‘BANG’ ‘BANG’ ‘BANG’ pause ‘BANG’
Then nothing, no screaming, no chaos on the street, no sirens, nothing in the news. I know what a ducking gun shot sounds like and those WERE Gun Shots.


Ever find out what was hitting the roof?


Nothing actually was. I think it was the bullet shockwave. It was one of those wierd things where, with a modern insulated car and the windows all up, it was hard to tell the direction of the sound, but it was so sharp and hard that even with the windows up, engine running and blower fan on, I could tell it wasnt a car backfire after the first one. It was way too crisp.

As soon as I heard it with the window down it was immediately obvious what it was, and that it wasn’t a handgun.


Did local PD or sheriff report anything to confirm it was gunfire?
Don’t you have ShotSpotter in town?


The echo was a shot from the south side of Chicago


Did you thoroughly inspect your vehicle?
You could have evidence hidden in your car!


@Joseph488 Glad you got out of there okay, pretty scary, :thinking: I’m thinking of buying that bullet proof Tesla Cyber Truck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing:


I dont know. What is shotspotter? Never heard of that.

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But the glass isn’t bullet resistant. You will need to pay extra to a third-party have bullet-resist glass.


It’s better to read about it to get the best knowledge. Basically it’s a gunshot detection system designed to automatically determine the location of potential outdoor gunfire.


People are freaking idiots / -first and foremost- I hope nobody was injured.

This reminds me when I was at a New Year’s party in Knoxville and we all came outside to watch fireworks

Next thing I knew my windshield shattered - we were no more than 20 feet from the truck - Sure enough- Bullet was non the windshield

Could you imagine? What is wrong with these idiots?

Glad your ok - it could have gone wrong in so many ways


Sounds about right !! Not unusual to hear gunshots in Baltimore City either !!


It’s been several years ago but me and a guy who worked with me was sitting at a stop light here in about the worst part of town back then (a section of town called Guyandott) and two rounds came through my rear qtr and thru the trunk and out the other side, needless to say I went through the red light lol ! Hell I was 19 I think driving a 68 Olds Delmont 88 w/a 455 Rocket Motor with dual air scoops, man talk about burnouts. We would see how long of a strip of rubber we could leave on the road/s and I was giving two Road Runners fits! Lol. Now it was a “ Delmont “ not a Delta, they came after those I guess.


Was it ever reported that gun shots were heard where you were at on the news?


Bet whatever cities throughout the country that utilize Shotspotter technology will have sensors going off all across the country for New Years when many fire off shots at midnight to kill off the old year and celebrate the incoming New Year neglecting the laws about shooting off firearms in city limits. :laughing:


It has happened several times already.
This won’t be the first New Year celebration with ShotSpotter in place.


Not that I noticed. I checked the local news for any articles and didn’t find any. Probably no one was shot, so whomever was shooting in traffic just got away with it, and everyone was lucky. Must have been a yahoo “Florida Man” just letting off a few round for fun :rofl:. Ahhh, life in the big city.

Head on a swivel, that’s for sure.


I am a LEO and Physician. If you feel strongly enough to post you should call it in to let the police investigate ASAP. If there is an active shooter time is lives.


Okay, here’s another one. My wife works in a large, high end department store in a very busy location, with a lot of international traffic (we’re in Florida). Today, while she was working, very near her department/station, a man with a very loud, deep voice shouted “everybody get down!” She spun around to see where it was coming from, staying behind concealment. She couldn’t see at first who had yelled, but noticed that no one around her was paying any attention. They were all acting like nothing had happened. Finally she saw a group of three young men laughing and joking about their prank, but she was totally shaken. She had to take a break and go collect herself, and is still pretty shaken up by it.

How can people ignore something like that in a large, crowded international shopping center? How would you react?