An excellent real life self defense shooting

This guy was spot on.


Wow. We have discussed this incident some time ago… but this breakdown is awesome.
Great lesson for us.
Thx for posting. :metal:


I’m afraid my response time will be delayed due to a PTSD episode.

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Something beyond the 6 seconds of the gun fight is going on here.

The guy in the white car arrives and gets out of the driver’s side of the car, leaving the door open. He emerges and starts to engage with the guy in a blue tee shirt. (Why? Did he simply decide to leap out of his car to kill some random guy in short pants?) Shots fired, car begins to pull away (Who’s driving? Did a passenger magically climb into the driver’s seat in under a second or so? Did the driver jump out of his car and leave it in gear?)

There’s probably some “history” between the guy in the car and the guy in the blue shirt that any decent investigation would uncover. A murder investigation would look at what happened between perp and victim before and after the few seconds of a shooting.


This seems to have happened in South Africa, for what it’s worth.

Could be pretty different all kinds of ways being a different country


He had to point his firearm at someone. He was in front of him.

As to the car, it did not begin moving until after the shots began. In South Africa, the driver is seated on the right-side.


Much of South Africa is at war with the (white oppressors). /s Or anyone else that disagrees. “Kill the Boer” is the rally cry.


You are trying to rationalize the murderous actions, probably because you observed the decent clothing and the expensive car the perp rode to the crime scene. Could still be a hate crime, possibly hate crime+gang initiation. Happens all the time.


This is from 2019

It is reported as a robbery attempt at La Gratitude Circle in Lonehill Sandton, South Africa