Mass attack at Hotel

I’m thinking we saw and discussed the original video here that just showed the attack outside of the hotel but I can’t find that thread.

@Dawn if we did you might want to merge this with the original thread.

Here is “The Rest of The Story” on that attack. It appears neither of the middle aged/older gents did anything to precipitate this event and it’s still unclear if it was a case of mistaken identity or just thuggery on display.

It runs for a few minutes but it’s well worth watching.

When I saw the original that just had the outside attack on it I felt the “friend” would have fully been justified in using deadly force to protect his buddy and this only reinforces my original impression.

For those of you who may not be familiar with John or his work I encourage you to spend some time looking at his videos and become a subscriber.

He puts up a new self defense scenario every day and always goes through them step by step detailing out what was done right/wrong or that might have been done better to avoid the conflict.

I find him to be a valuable resource myself.


@WildRose heres @JTS’s original post, but the link to the original video is now no longer working so it’s good we have this one. Thanks for putting that up

@dawn, you might want to combine these as wildrose suggested, and maybe change the link to the original video.


I love this channel and strongly encourage everyone to subscribe.

Besides “self defense scenarios” I found that would never visit Brasil… 4K TV will help me to enjoy this country :slight_smile: