NY liquor store owner faces years behind bars after shooting thug

Know the consequences when unholstering, it will change your life. Especially in NY.


Know the consequences of just being in NY. Eventually there will be enough of this kind of crap that one of two things will happen- either every business owner left will close shop and move, and NY will just rot into a rat infested hole of criminals against criminals, or enough citizens will get sick of the crime and injustice, and eventually stop voting for the idiots who enable it.

I don’t know which will occur first, but right now the rats and criminals are winning the race.

Contrast that with Florida sheriffs, who offer range time and classes to homeowners who shoot at and miss home invaders. Where would you rather live? Justice shouldn’t be so dependent on geography all in the same country.


Lawlessness takes root, then fluorishes as a result of a scant few, but well placed policy makers. Options are dwindling.


I think it was Kurt Russel (Snake) that made a movie about NY being isolated due to criminal control.


Yup. Escape from New York.


In the video, he hits the thief with the handgun. Also, is he legally “allowed” to possess the handgun in NYC? It appears he did not intend to shoot the guy, it was initially just a couple of punches, and the gun went off when he struck the guy or right after. It was not a legal use of lethal force.


Well, for now the government is full of criminals, both in DC and NY. They’re always looking for a way to punish the people who pay the bills, obey the law, etc. it didn’t help the proprietor to use the pistol as a club, as it might go off, and did. But, did the bullet actually hit the scumbag? The filthy judges keep turning these scumbags loose on us instead of punishing them. But whenever someone defends themselves from them, the DA’s and judges are waiting to pounce. Kangaroos everywhere.


Oh yeah. The scumbags were leaving, and then came back for more. Don’t forget to factor that in.


You did see the movie Escape from New York where they just put walls around the city and made it a prison. That’s exactly what’s going to happen if all the businesses leave.

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Based on what I can see in the video there are a lot of issues with this “self defense” case.

The owner threw the apparent shoplifter out of the store without needing to use lethal force. Then it looks like he may be taunting the shoplifter as he is walking away. The shoplifter comes back and kicks the door and then starts walking away again. Then the shooter appears to taunt the shoplifter some more before eventually coming out with another person to throw some punches at him.

As @Dave17 points out it doesn’t even appear that the shooter intended to shoot. He is just swinging the gun like a club.

Perhaps there is more evidence than is apparent in the video. But I don’t see any clear evidence of an imminent threat of death or severe bodily harm from the shoplifters. This looks like it would be a very hard case for a defense lawyer to win even if they were not in an anti self defense state like NY.

I can understand store owners getting frustrated and fed up with criminals due to LEOs and prosecutors who are unable or unwilling to do their jobs. But civilians deciding to be judge, jury and attempted executioner (intentionally or unintentionally) is bad idea.


Yeah…“outrageous travesty of justice” looks to be a rather bias take on the situation

Going with Shamrock’s breakdown, this initially based just on what’s available looks like an example of what not to do


He should have never stepped foot out of his businesses door. That is where they got him at. With guns you just got to know when to walk away. Ego be damned


Welcome to the community @Dwayne39

Agree that ego, anger and firearms don’t make for a good mix.


from the looks of things it was over after they put them on the street shop keeper should have deescalated, he let his ego take over and made law abiding gun owners look bad. i do think he will get time of some sort it is nyc after who knows?

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Did a sequel, too. “Escape From L.A.” Pretty good, but “EFNY” was better. WTC #1 and #2 were still standing and had a prominent role in that flick.

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Guns make lousy clubs. It shouldn’t have been in his hand to begin with. They aren’t real good hammers either. I remember the old cowboy movies where the sheriff used his pistol butt to hang a wanted poster.