When Prefense Is Not Available, Defense Is All That's Left

Georgia Restaurant Employee Shoots and Kills Armed Intruder

I guess this guy says, “if you gonna rob the store, rob the store, but you don’t get to pistol whip me too, and get away with it.”

The robber now takes a dirt nap for his gross miscalculation.

Right is Right. End of story, fade to black.

The only question needing an answer is: Where did that other bullet go? Two went to the perp, where’s the third? Or did two go in the same hole?

I’ll bet main medias won’t blow this up with a good review!


Justice was served and saved money was saved from a trial and Prison except the burial,should be the body be donated to medical to medical for students to dismember

Well, let’s just say judgment was self-contained in the act. Sounds nicer. As for the body, well, let those that love them have them back for proper dispositioning and expenditure. Everyone has the right to honor their dead.