NY CCW training outside of NY

Does anyone know of a company/instructor who conducts the 18 hour NY CCW training outside of NY (MD, DE, PA, NJ)? Thanks!


18 HOURS??? I feel for y’all who live in NY, CA, MA, etc. Do y’all have to get a permit and train 18 hours to exercise your 1st amendment rights too??


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Is it real-world possible to get a NY permit without being a NY resident?


It is if you own/lease property in NY (don’t have to be full-time resident) or work in NY.


OK I’m all for training but 18 Ducking Hours?!?! That isn’t training that’s a deterrent.


Sounds more like day one of boot camp!


Don’t forget about IL :joy:

Thankfully we need only 16 hr… :hugs:

…firearms training course or combination of courses approved by the Department of at least 16 hours, which includes range qualification time…

430 ILCS 66/75, Sec. 75.

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Good luck finding your combination (NY CCW taken outside NY).
Hopefully somebody here knows the answer.


Welcome to the family brother @DB14 and we are glad to have you onboard. I wish I could help you with this. Maybe you can call this company Home - Olinville Arms (websiteusadev.com) They can probably lead you in the right direction.


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Exactly what I was thinking! :smile:


Come to Mississippi. Our permit is locked up at the Smithsonian. Look at Amendment #2. You’ll see our permit right there.


Permit is just a piece of paper. People get permits and still have no idea how to carry the firearm… sometimes even more - they don’t know how to shoot. I don’t want think about people who don’t need any permit and think they don’t need any training as well.
I don’t care if somebody has this permit or doesn’t need one. I do care how this person handle the firearm, how he / she operates it and how safely shoots. Responsibility comes from the head, not from the plastic or paper kept in the wallet.


You still shouldn’t be required to have “PERMISSION” (CCP) to exercise a Constitutional Right. Where is your 1st Amendment permit?


I know it is not something we should discuss… however in my opinion carrying deadly weapon should be somehow controlled. Was it really hard for me to apply for FOID an then spend 16 hrs talking / listening / discussing gun laws with Instructor? Nope, definitely no. And I really value those 16 hrs.
But that is me. This is my freedom to express my feeling about it.


Jerzees I looked at how many hours I spent on all of videos and 39 courses and all the protector academy I have done and it is over a hundred hours and I have watched some videos over and over and done some courses over and over again and I think I have had more fun just getting to be able to train and get my bages and stuff and like asking an attorney with Tom and the red dot doctor Kevin and Steve he’s my favorite and Kevin and so many other friends I love them they are all in the videos and they have a b c questions and if I get one wrong I would watch the entire video again to get great job and they have confeddie flying in the air KAZ I completely another course. So kool and I have stayed up night after night trying to get all of it done :white_check_mark: I did and I took me a long long time no one has to do all I got to do to carry a edc and when I try to get on here I have to put my email and pass word four times just to get to the community and that’s a lot of work for to be with my friend and family here . I guess when you make the people I charge mad they make you pay for it with everything that they can and not no one else has to do that or they would call the USCCA and say why do I have to give my email address and password four times just to get to the community why are they doing this !!! Does it make them feel better I wonder if they just want me to quit being a member :question:Bobby Jean :chile::owl::feather::feather::us::us::us::chile::wilted_flower::wilted_flower::wilted_flower::broken_heart:

The Second Amendment says otherwise.

Just say no to gun control

I’ve spoken to people who literally waited 1 year for Illinois to issue them their permission slip granting them the privilege of carrying a handgun. This is what inevitably happens when there is (unconstitutional) control over who is granted the privilege to keep and bear arms


That’s why discussing it doesn’t have sense.

People can hide behind 2A but everything I posted was not about possessing the firearm, it was about mental state of people’s minds.

Once again… We exercise right to bare a firearm, but doing this without any practical knowledge is nothing else than negligence.
As our Parents taught us how to walk and eat, showed how to behave… the same applies to firearm. We have to let somebody to teach us how to use the tool that are allowed to be used by the Constitution.
Reasonable person doesn’t do this just because he / she can.

And I didn’t mean that possessing firearm has to be controlled. I meant that training should be involved into possessing of the firearm.

I agree to a point. And I see a parallel to getting a driver’s license. A car is also a deadly weapon and somebody should be teaching people the rules of the road and driving defensively before setting them loose with a car. The big asterisk is the political factor, where politicians will go out of their way to prevent people from getting a carry permit or even “permission” to purchase a firearm; unlike obtaining a driver’s license. California just passed a law similar to NY that increases the hours of training and limits where permit holders can go via designating everything outside your home as a “sensitive place”. And now, the Nazi’s in Sacramento are working overtime to make the training as difficult as possible to obtain and trying to control who can or cannot be a legitimate instructor for that training. On its face, I don’t care so much about doubling the number of hours of training. But I might not be able to renew my CCW if there aren’t any certified instructors anywhere in the state. The State’s goal is not about firearms safety. It’s about finding a loophole around SCOTUS to prevent people from obtaining a carry permit.