‘Not going to go out like a punk. So I emptied my Glock in his chest’ – Florida man guns down AK-47-carrying burglar

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Happy Holidays.


And an NRA member to boot!!? Can’t be, he’s not an old white guy like the MM narrative demands.

I’m telling ya…FL was on the leading edge with “Stand Your Ground” they would be pioneers with “Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None” laws also known as “You Looking for Trouble? Come to Me” law…lol.

Seriously, I’m glad the man and his family are safe and it sounds like he did a solid job protecting them and put his training to good use.

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Just saw the story from Colion Noir… Dude said he pushed the barrel of the AK47 away from his face, pulled his Glock, & emptied it into the perp’s chest. I’ve never heard anything like it. But, I’m glad he survived. :v:t5:


From the article

“I’m going to defend my life and my family, and if I’ve got the possibility to defend innocent people, I’ll do that, too,” Stewart said.
“You just don’t wake up in the morning and push an AK up my nose and think you’re gonna live, no,” he added.

He’s trained, he’s effective under pressure, and he’s not mincing any words. Sheriff currently going with self defense. From what’s reported, I’m ok with that.


I saw this, but thought it was a bit sketchy as he was sleeping with his family in a van? I am going to assume visiting family for holidays? No room at the inn.

But I am ok with it. I don’t know that I would be as cocky about it. 14 rounds also sounds a bit excessive. Plus if it all went down in van, family should have some serious hearing issues from 14 rapid fire rounds in that small of a space. I am curious how the robber got into van to put gun to his nose as described in the report. Just some thoughts.
Glad he and his family is safe, and I wish them well.


This is an apt example of how things can happen and the need for mentally/ emotionally preparing ourselves for the moment. I carried for 15 years before I started to really become comfortable with the idea that stopping a threat may lead to taking a life.

These are personal quests and I can not (and won’t) judge others’ journeys. It seems clear to me, though, that this Florida man has gone on that journey, and I respect him for that.

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