Keep Your Ego In Check

As John Correia 《ASP》 always says, “Keep your ego in check.”

Florida man who claimed self-defense after shooting man over parking spot sentenced


I live in Tampa. When that news item first hit the airwaves, I told my wife that I thought the shooter was going to eventually go to jail. The ultimate victim’s actions didn’t seem to warrant a shot. Yes, Florida is a “stand your ground” state, but the victim was backing and turning away when he was shot.


My thoughts exactly. I always say train, train, train. Just taking a CCW class and being able to hit a target at 15 yards is not enough. If you carry you must be mentally trained and ready to de-escelate the situation if possible. This guy was a wacko for sure and his actions took an innocent life and gave all of us a black eye.


… another child, 5 years old, witnessing his Father’s murder…
what did this teach him? what does he take away?
I grieve for Him and hope his Father, Mr. McGlockton, rests in peace.

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I know when to be peaceful, and the only time I hit PROTECTION COMBAT mode is when I feel like my life or my loved ones lives are being threatened. Military training helps a lot, but I’ve always had a rather mellow tone to things in my life. So I am peaceful even when dealing with anti gun people trying to start something. I just keep a calm tone and try to explain what the 2nd amendment is.

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Agree, military training does help alot. Especially when it comes to getting hot headed. To me, it’s seems like he was looking for a fight. I may be wrong, but it looks that way.


It was a murder plain and simple. The problem with stand your ground is it gives some individuals the feeling that they have a license to kill.

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Worthy subject but I address it a little differently.

If you’re going to carry or even have SD firearms available you need to “Check Your Ego” period.

When we arm ourselves we take on a great level of responsibility and we have to be 100% responsible in both thought and action at all times.

Honestly this is why I would have no problem with lawful carry off of your own property being more age restrictive.

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This was never a Stand Your Ground case from the beginning and the press is I think intentionally misrepresenting it.


The press has nothing to do with this. The police chief did not charge him at first and determined it to be a stand your ground case. That determination got overturned.


That’s correct.

@Rick22 I think you and @WildRose are both partially correct here……

Sherriff did not “arrest” based on his understanding of Stand Your Ground Law, however the Prosecutor “charged” the individual based on his knowledge of the law. I would say the prosecutor is probably the better SME when it comes to that.

I think the media, as @WildRose pointed out, took it and ran in order to create inflammatory headlines against “stand your ground” laws in an effort to say “look even though this man was walking away and was no immediate threat, “stand your ground” allowed him to get away with killing the other man.”

When the actual fact was the Sherriff misinterpreted/failed to understand “stand your ground” and as such did not arrest him while the Prosecutor who is a “legal expert” correctly charged and won a conviction of the man because the “stand your ground” defense/statute did not apply in this situation.


No, it was never an SYG case, the PC was completely wrong.

There was no SYG hearing and it was never argued as a part of his defense at trial.

The whole case boiled down to whether or not he had a lawful use of deadly force and he did not.

He was the aggressor who initiated the event and shot the victim who had merely shoved him and was retreating away when he was shot.

The press always wants to make these cases bout SYG in in FL because they have opposed it since it was first proposed saying that it would turn FL into the wild west with shootouts on a daily basis.

There were even judges and prosecutors who opposed SYG that wrongly applied it in an attempt to turn public opinion against it.


I would have no problem with the SYG law as long as it is applied on a correct consistent basis by law enforcement and the courts. The press is going to do what they do from either a right wing perspective or left wing perspective so they are not relevant to me in this situation. What is relevant to me is for over two weeks some people were led to believe that killing a unarmed retreating man was somehow legitimate under the SYG law because of the PC incorrect determination, that is the heart of my issue here. The courts got it right this time and I hope all armed citizens in Florida take notice and educate themselves on the SYG law.

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Bass Reaves? Nice :+1:t5:

Yes it is!

All SYG actually does is to remove any duty to retreat. The anti gun/anti 2nd Amendment crowd however bill it as allowing old west style gunfights in the streets and claim it causes unnecessary deaths.

They simply can’t abide law abiding citizens exercising their own best judgment as to when to act in their own or in defense of others within the bounds of the law.

As for the PC I don’t know if he was just ignorant, biased for the shooter/against the victim or if he is just one of those public officials who willingly applies to law to situations where it doesn’t apply in hopes of getting it repealed.