Keep Your Ego In Check

As John Correia 《ASP》 always says, “Keep your ego in check.”

Florida man who claimed self-defense after shooting man over parking spot sentenced


I live in Tampa. When that news item first hit the airwaves, I told my wife that I thought the shooter was going to eventually go to jail. The ultimate victim’s actions didn’t seem to warrant a shot. Yes, Florida is a “stand your ground” state, but the victim was backing and turning away when he was shot.


My thoughts exactly. I always say train, train, train. Just taking a CCW class and being able to hit a target at 15 yards is not enough. If you carry you must be mentally trained and ready to de-escelate the situation if possible. This guy was a wacko for sure and his actions took an innocent life and gave all of us a black eye.


… another child, 5 years old, witnessing his Father’s murder…
what did this teach him? what does he take away?
I grieve for Him and hope his Father, Mr. McGlockton, rests in peace.

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I know when to be peaceful, and the only time I hit PROTECTION COMBAT mode is when I feel like my life or my loved ones lives are being threatened. Military training helps a lot, but I’ve always had a rather mellow tone to things in my life. So I am peaceful even when dealing with anti gun people trying to start something. I just keep a calm tone and try to explain what the 2nd amendment is.

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Agree, military training does help alot. Especially when it comes to getting hot headed. To me, it’s seems like he was looking for a fight. I may be wrong, but it looks that way.