Florida spitter: What's wrong with this picture?

You and I know that all of the details aren’t in this news report so we cannot say what really happened. However, the limited details in the article do leave me with some glaring questions about the application of “self-defense”…

Be sure to watch the video.

What can we learn from this situation?

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This is my personal opinion and not a legal statement. I am grateful to of been
educated and trained to just walk away, drive away, or run away from this situation
at all coast. Things went wrong and escalated to a nightmare. This was an
example of what will go wrong if you have not been in training or practiced
to prevent this at all cost.

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That there are evil people in this world, and you need to be ready for anything!

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If there is any doubt in your mind that a situation like this is wrong, be the
hero and walk away.

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One has to ask themselves is it worth going to jail over. In all my years of driving, I can’t tell you how many times someone has spit or thrown something out of a car and it’s hit my car.

While I like the stand your ground laws, Florida’s seem to go the extreme.

In any self-defense situation (which in my opinion based off the facts presented this wasn’t), you have to look at the disparity between both parties. What a 20 something can defend against isn’t the same as what another something can defend against. Too many variables in the human condition. Hell, what I could defend against 6 years ago, I can’t today because of a previously crushed ankle and two bad knees that need replacement. All things are not equal.

Now if I were to profile the two individuals in this case, they have classic meth user face, I’m betting it’s some kind of transaction gone bad.

I have been taught how to respond and I understand there are certain conditions like our physical handicaps. Yes,

I too am handicapped and there are a few things that I have to consider. If have to face certain and possible serve injury

or I can be killed, I will defend myself. The issues of being cussed out, attempt of someone trying to run me off the road,

spit on, or any of the problems that can happen; having a bad day.

You probably read about someone trying to stand your ground over and Handicap Parking Spot. (FLORIDA), it

did not work to well for the SHOOTER. Charged with murder !!! Your safety is very important and you Family needs, YOU.

There is nothing extreme about Florida’s stand your ground laws. Deadly force is only considered justifiable when one has reasonable belief that someone is about to kill or cause great bodily harm to them or someone else. Deadly force is also justifiable if someone unlawfully enters ones home or vehicle. I respectfully, do not see this as extreme in any way. I think people have this misconception of Florida being the wild wild west and it is simply not true.

Exactly - because they’re not there to do nice things to you. Although there was a person who broke into someone’s home and cleaned it not that long ago. :thinking:

When someone breaks into your home there is reasonable belief that they’re there because their intentions are to hurt you.

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I heard about this case and found it quite hysterical.

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I might be OK with someone doing that… no, I really wouldn’t, but at least my house would be clean! :smiley:

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:rofl: Only if she does windows.

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I would definately try and walk away calm but then take proper precautions depending on how severe the attack was.

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