Not an AR?

After reading up on the AR platform, I have changed my mind about their usefulness and appropriateness for a variety of purposes. I used to hold a more negative opinion.

That being said, there remain certain exigent conditions that prevent me from acquiring an AR type rifle. My question is, what rifle would you recommend as a suitable substitute for an AR? Something that could perform well in the same sort of defensive circumstances.

Any information is appreciated,. Two-hour opinions gratefully accepted.:wink:

Ruger Mini-14, or Mini-30 if you like slinging heavy lead.

Don’t overlook lever action, pistol caliber carbines. Yes, they are slower to reload, and lower capacity than an AR. That said, 10 rounds of .357, 45 Colt, or .44 mag is hard to argue with. If the overlords put a ban on common semiautomatic rifles, I’ll be stocking up on lever action carbines.


If you want to stay with semi-auto, look for a pistol caliber carbine that is not and AR type. Ruger and Beretta have them, Marlin did, and a host of others new and used.

Another option, as stated, would be to get a lever action. Slower to reload, but can be very viable too.

Do not overlook a shotgun either.

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“Exigent Conditions” a slight clarification is in order. Is it “Momma” “MIL” or significant other that has the issue or is it the “State”? Former or latter works.

If I couldn’t have an AR platform my next go to would be something along the lines of a Benelli Super 90 (SBE) which is a bit on the pricey side but WELL worth the investment. Fall back to a Rem Model 1100, or Winchester of a similar pedigree. I have a particular personal distaste for Mossberg but some folks like them. A 20" tube on any of the above platforms will net you an 8 shot tube. 41 pellets of #4 Buck in a 3" magnum all at once is a significant deterrent to continued health and well being should it become necessary. Of course you get 7 - 8 more depending on how you keep things.



:man_facepalming: The Ruger PC9! Why didn’t I think of that?

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AR-10. It is 5 AR’s less. :grinning:


1st is this for home or auto?
If hone I would suggest a Remington 20 gage with a short barrel.
200 to 300.

CZ Scorpion 9mm

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Hit the nail on the head. For a carbine that can run close to the AR platform the mini 14 won’t let you down. That being said I’d go with the mini 30 and use the heavier bullet


Years ago I had the min 30, not a particulary big fan of the round but for close work it was doable.

A few years ago they started making the Mini in other calibers and I picked one up in 6.8spc. Superior ballistics and excellent for varmints, predators, and unwelcome guests that don’t take hints well.

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Excellent and very reliable option, low powered and uncomfortbly limited magazine capacity for me though.

Just help us out a bit, is there a legal impediment to the AR platform for you or personal/family?

There are some other very good pistol caliber carbines out there.

If high capacity isn’t an issue you can always find a good used Ruger 10/44 for sale. It’s basically a 10/22 in .44 mag. Very reliable hard stopping round in a solid, reliable platform.

Kriss Vector makes some excellent pistol caliber carbines as well.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look into the mini-14 and the 10-44.

There are no legal issues here with the AR, just not feasible.

Thanks again.

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Take a look at the Kriss Vector 10mm and .40S&W. A little futuristic looking but very good products.

The FN P90 is another one I left off.

Been checking out the suggested rifles and several of them look good. I am drawn to the Ruger PC9 carbine, partly because I already own a Ruger pistol which can share magazines with it.

Now my primary “exigent condition” is $$$$$. :frowning_face:

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Dude, you can BUILD an 16" Horus AR for $279 for a parts kit and ~$60 for a basic lower. They run specials all the time for different kits and free upper assembly. AR’s are Lego’s for big kids.



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Tavor. The Israelis don’t make bad weapons. There are too many people who want to kill them.

They are expensive, but everything I’ve ever heard about them is that they’re completely awesome. Plus, since I mostly want a rifle for home defense, a bullpup can come in very useful.

Currently, I have a Spike’s Tactical AR. Since the police will confiscate any weapon I use in self defense as evidence (it’ll be returned, but only after a long investigation), I have decided I want backup weapons. Once I have everything situated with my current weapons and equipment, a Tavor is high on my list.

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@David38 How about my mare’s leg in .45 Colt
Not really a rifle.

870 Remington tactical. Kind of like a glock, it’s an ugly hammer but it’ll go “bang” every time you pull the trigger.

There is no more proven platform on the planet than the 870.

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I like the test out the Henry Rife in 44 mag. / 44 special

There’s an idea! Think it’ll make me look like Steve McQueen?