Not a cyclist fan

Personally I think cyclists are a menace to the road. But have to hand it to this guy.


Geeze. One shot to the snot locker and down he went. Lesson: Don’t start a fist-fight with a cyclist, he’s probably in way better shape than most people.


It is legal here to ride bicycles with cars, but It sure seems like a dumb thing to do. We’re forced to buzz them all of the time on curvy roads. There’s no way I’m going over the yellow to avoid a bicyclist who can’t stay to the right. They seem to enjoy riding in the middle of the lanes at 1 MPH when powered vehicles are going 50+. Just doesn’t seem very bright to me. We do our best to avoid them without putting ourselves at risk.


OK, Here’s my take DO NOT, EVER, No Matter how tough of a Bad Ass you think you are, Never Ever step into the red zone with your hands down at your sides. If you do you are asking the person you are assaulting to knock your ass out. IF You Insist on fighting with some one remember the basics. Hand UP, Elbows In, Tuck chin in between shoulders…


As a lifelong cyclist, and a much higher-mileage than average driver (for work) I see both sides of the equation. Inattentive drivers kill a terrible number of legal cyclists. They’re a true menace on the road and shouldn’t be driving. Some cyclists are true dic#s, and I hate that they get used to represent cyclists at large.

Personly, I don’t trust any driver, and I’m too old to survive a hit by a car, so I confine my cycling to dedicated bike trails and avoid all roads. Fortunately, Florida has good riding trails.

In the video, the driver deserved what he got.