No shot, no 911 call needed?

I’ve heard of a lot many people who have had self-defense incident where they didn’t shoot their gun so they didn’t call 911. The person attacking them turned around and called 911 on them for threatening behavior with a gun. And they faced charges.

At what point do you call 911?


Immediately call, do not delay. If you have it happen to you and you take your sweet time calling the police you are very much wrong or neglect all together you are wrong call 911 , Don’t procrastinate just because you feel it’s nothing - it is a very big detail.
There was a USCCA video even about a year or two ago about a guy who didn’t call after some punk accosted him while driving and guess what? The member victim became the arrestee. For a couple minute phone call he had dozens of hours of bad things happen to him and his wife. “Stupid is…” you know the rest


Agreed. Get your account of the event on record first, and as soon as possible. If you come second to the party you’re not “telling”, you’re “explaining”.


This question was asked in another thread. I’m glad it is out here on its own now! Yes, be the first to call the police and do not say anything until your attorney is with you.