Question on use of force

That’s a great question, @Jonathan30!

If someone is coming at you and you are in imminent, unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm and draw your firearm to defend yourself and the threat stops and runs away, call the police!

Being the first to call the police to say what happened can make all of the difference. If the attacker is the first to call the police, they will present the situation completely differently.

If you’re a USCCA Member, you’re going to want to call the critical response team 877-677-1919 and follow the prompts and they will arrange for an attorney. You will probably have to make a statement about the self-defense situation.

If someone is willing to break the law to attack you to the point where you’re afraid for your life, they’re probably not going to have any issue lying to the police.

This thread may be of more assistance too, No shot, no 911 call needed?

Does that help, @Jonathan30?