No Guns in New Looney Toons

Looney Toons is being remade by HBO. They have removed all guns, and replaced them with scythes and hooks…


Colion makes a lot of sense and as funny as the cartoons are this is serious politics.


Sadly, his commentary is only being seen and understood in an echo chamber. The two sides are unable to reconcile. The anti-constitutionalists will never agree with our inalienable rights, and will always do whatever they can to erode our rights. The words of the Founding Fathers are ringing in our ears.

We need to stand-up for our rights. Get active, stay active. Contact your representatives, contact those who are not your representatives - their votes still affect you. Talk to people, write letters, join rallies. Join, maintain, get active in rights groups. If not your full-time job, it must become your part-time job. We can only win if we are heard, and heard en-masse.


This is getting out of hand.

Now they want paw-patrol canceled.


This is just ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!


A good friend of mine shared the FoxNews link about PawPatrol with the following comment:

"Anyone believing they can confess their “brokenness” and receive absolution from a mob is misguided.

You will never be able to appease a mob. The mob is insatiable. As each demand is met, another demand replaces it until…"


Common sense is currently being pummeled into nonexistence.


This got me thinking of all the movies we watch with guns in them. They’re all freaking out over cartoons (Looney Toons was not originally intended to be for kids), but Hollywood absolutely loves guns in movies.

Staple movies in my house include Wonder Woman (lots of WWI rifles and machine guns), Harriet (lots of guns), and in a few weeks we’ll watch The Patriot for Independence Day (it’s fiction, but still well done, and the many guns are probably the least impactful of the weapons in that movie).

We also watch a lot of movies with fighter planes because the kids love those. So we watch and re-watch movies like Midway, Red Tails, and Flyboys. Lots of guns… in those planes. Speaking of which, I can’t count how many times we’ve watch Snoopy get shot down by the Red Baron.

I’ve been holding back on things like John Wick and Band of Brothers. Not because of the guns, just the trauma that’s depicted.

Also Trolls… no guns in that one. Got me there. Lots of farting, though. I find Elmer Fudd less offensive than farting trolls, even though he was created to poke fun at hunters.


Am I the only know who didn’t know what Fudd is?

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That definition is about to change. A “Fudd” will be someone who horrifically abuses wildlife with garden tools.


Good old Elmer J. Fudd from Bugs Bunny cartoons. You know, “ Be vewy vewy quiet I’m huntin wabbits “


No longer relegated to Earth.

Where will it end?