No Gun Control Problem, but Idiot Control Problem: Sen. Kennedy

Just a little proof on some bills ,that should be read,understood and in my humble opinion, rejected. The real question is why we have" Leaders" who do not support our constitution and why they were elected and it is not a violation of their oath of office.

Ra ra. Kennedy!

What does this mean to concealed carry,once any portion of the second is broken,will man continue to play with the law? Esp by party or power group in control- regardless of the people’s will,if the people do not stand up???

Perspective is not always a defense
And fundamental law,constructed by our( the country founding rules and fathers) are the answer.
Similar to they original fact that we were not supposed to use case law from other countries ( but we know judges usurped that eons ago)

No Gun Control Problem, but Idiot Control Problem: Sen. Kennedy No Gun Control Problem, but Idiot Control Problem: Sen. Kennedy


But the larger problem as I see it is that he was there arguing for a Republican-sponsored Senate gun control bill instead of the Democrat-sponsored stuff coming from the House of Reps. So…in the end…both parties are only arguing about WHICH gun control laws to pass, not which ones to repeal.

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My understaning of the Republican bill is that it would require the DOJ to investigate every time someone fails a NICS check and would require additional enforcement of the current federal laws, incarcerating those who should be incarcerated.

I don’t know if you know this but English case law, also referred to as “common law,” was the basis of most laws in the United States. The exception is Louisiana that has its roots in the Napoleonic Code. And, while common law laws do not exists under federal law and have also been abolished by many states, the common law is still very much alive and active when interpreting laws, especially those that lack specific definitions within the statutory scheme. Generally, when law is taught in schools, including law school, because every jurisdiction may have different laws, they teach common law, model penal code, and “uniform” codes.


I highly recommend you learn Chinese ( Mandarin). The new generation of men is soft. They’re ignorant of history and the reasons for the Bill of Rights. Helicopter parenting has made them scared of everything. Anti-guns/anti-2A Democrats and others are pushing even more boldly today than they did previously. They are bent on “Transforming America” in to a cesspool of sin. They have murdered God (figuratively) and pushing all of us towards atheism. Be afraid. Stand up against this evil. It may cost your life. No self-defense company will protect you from the real evil transpiring. There is a breaking point that we are told is our responsibility to replace a tyrannical government that puts itself above the people.

Strings words. But it is written by the founding fathers. What will you do?

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Mike I am aware,but I am also looking at all of the laws from other countries,used to support judges rulings and presented in the host of cases presented in court( Ny) being one example of such…

Create an overwhelming deluge in court by every citizen rising through the courts until good actually overcomes evil,or evil makes it so clear that laws mean nothing,and we have no representation. Additionally that the domestic foundation ,and international foundations are dealt with

Don’t know where you’ve been lately, but we have already been through this. Even in the most optimistic case, the Democrats’ plan includes…is counting on…the slow-walking of judicial processes by corrupt judges while they use illegitimate FORCE (which includes the threat of force, btw) to obliterate meaningful opposition. No meaningful opposition = death of democratic and representative gov’t = totalitarianism. It doesn’t get any clearer. As an historian (specialized in military history), it is a basic truth that cowards are always hard to convince and disguise themselves in “prudence” and “restraint” long after it is prudent to show restraint.

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I couldn’t get past the paywall at theEpochTimes, so I made an outline link to the page @Dr_Richard posted →

Similar thoughts from Cruz, where he says (paraphrase) instead of taking guns from the law-abiding, take them from criminals. Cruz and Grassley introduced a “good” gun control bill a few years ago, I don’t know if its still sitting in a committee somewhere or if they need to re-introduce it.