Commonsense gun control law

For the sake of this this thread, assume there is a commonsense gun control law.

Do you think the Democrat party would pass it?

If it made sense, then we’d be encouraged to think about it and discuss it, and they wouldn’t need to call it “common sense.”


I think most of the common sense laws have already been passed. For instance all the laws against murder, assault, threatening etc. The problem is that law enforcement agencies are so busy enforcing the countless less and non sensible laws that keep getting added to the books every year that a lot of the real criminals are being allowed to commit their crimes without consequence.


Example please

Suggest you read the OP in addition to the title.

To a politician, i.e. America’s Uni-party members, the term “common sense” is equivalent to "asinine and tyrannical ". My rep in AZ uses that term in every response email and I can’t wait to vote this Nancy Boy B&^*H (ex-mayor of Phoenix) out of Congress this November.

Back on topic, zero gun control other than pre-sale verifying of non-felon status and meeting age of majority (legal responsibility).

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I see that you wrote the phrase “commonsense gun control law”

I don’t know what that phrase means. Therefore it is not currently answerable.

For purposes of your questions, what, as an example, do you consider a “commonsense gun control law”?

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This is how it seems to me.

In my experience, people these days tend to refer to something, at least in the legal and political realm, as “common sense” when they have no evidence, no facts, no logic, no reason, maybe emotion at best. They know they can’t articulate why it will help or why it will be good or why we should do it, so they just slap the “common sense” label on it.


Commonsense gun control means - " Only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun as a good guy with a gun".
I don’t see any other available option.

Would Democrat party pass it? I don’t know. These days politicians are far away from a commonsense.
We either can have a firearm or these should be banned. Nobody thinks about something in-between.


No, because the only “common sense” cun control law is NO GUNS. That is the goal.


It has been my experience over the years that when a politician or member of the “elites”, (basically anyone who is surrounded by “private security” WITH GUNS and/or walled mansions) uses the words common sense (little c, little s) as an adjective (i.e: common sense gun control) , they usually are about to demonstrate their total lack of GENUINE Common Sense. (Capital C, Capital S). If you need a demonstration, how about this. I don’t know if this is still a “thing” but, back in the day, there were cop bars where police gathered after their shifts to wind down. Find one, walk in and yell “This is a stick up!!!” REAL Common Sense would tell you NOT to do this. Right?

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Common sense tells one murder with a gun is illegal. I would say everyone agrees.

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So you do not believe in the 2A, “shall not be infringed”? We have laws, being a felon that served his/her time is not a crime, minors, even today, can and do own firearms, that, too, is not a crime.

commonsense gun control law.

“That would be the 2nd Amendment”!


We already have common sense gun laws. No guns for felons. Restrictions for the mentally adjudicated. Murder is illegal.


This is all we need. Maybe enforce the current laws.


Ideally we’d roll back quite a few of the current laws, even. There are already far too many.


I agree the focus should be on mental health. I guess I shiukdnt be shovked that the Rep Congressman from Buffalo NY is agreeing to gun control laws. Even the Republicans are atarting to cave.


If I assume a theoretical “common sense” law, with the idea of “hey, here is a law that is guaranteed to reduce gun violence by some objective and measurable amount, and it does not notably infringe on any constitutional right”. Meaning, some sort of Unicorn law…

No, I don’t think they’d pass it.

They have had control of both houses and the presidency a few times in the past 20years and a super-majority under Obama. Heck, they have a majority right now. They have had the opportunity and declined to act on it. The Republican party is no different, they had control of both houses and presidency under Trump and did not act to advance any 2A items.

I think this is one of those wedge issues that both parties like to keep so they can stir up their base for votes.


If anybody really wanted to fix anything they would take a serious look at mental health in this country. Unfortunately that would go against a portion of the Democrat base, so that will never happen. If the GOP did it then theyd just be racist, Bible thumping, hillbilly, gun loving haters. This country will o ly continue to skid out of control. I guess we’ll see for sure with a GOP manority likely and the next POTUS likely to be DeSantis.