No charges in the Jacob Blake shooting


Now all hands stand by for heavy rolls.


Had to google that. I will definitely be borrowing it.

I’m less than an hour away from Kenosha. This story has been on our news a lot… praying everyone stays safe over the next few days.


Amen @Dawn. Please stay safe yourself please.


Same thing happened with all the officers involved in that addict overdosing in Minneapolis that sent people into riots all summer long.

Yes I know his name, I simply don’t care to use it. He killed himself, the officers didn’t. And I’m not necessarily saying they were in the right either before someone jumps down my throat for that.

This was all done on purpose. It’s a distraction for the voting in Georgia and the meeting of House and Senate tomorrow.

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Extra 30 minutes driving time…just to be safe…

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Feel free to borrow at will. Stay safe, you’re a wee bit closer to Kenosha than I would want to be right now.