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Anyone else tuned into NewsNation? Supposed to be factual reporting only. Of course, comments are not. Only watched a few segments. Jury still out.


I grew up and lived many years just outside Milwaukee, WI. I trust Chicago-based “news” programs about as much as I trust Chicago’s voting results or politicians. Our local NBC affiliate has begun advertising NewsNation Now as coming soon.

I won’t be watching. I get enough news from my daily reading, and I do read from different perspectives, not just those that I agree with.


All things considered, factual news died with Walter Cronkite and I am skeptical about linking to other sites through Facebook.


Paul Harvey, too…I miss that guy. :cry:


News is news, no matter where you get it. It’s always going to be toxified with agenda.

I watched a little bit the other night for a few minutes…the couple of stories they did have seemed just straight facts but they weren’t on real controversial issues…I’ll check them out again to see if it holds true.

One ray of hope was that they were doing a story and referred to the group Patriot Prayer as a Conservative group vs Right Wing/Far Right Wing group like the rest of the mainstream. Again, seemed factual/unbiased (from either side).


I am an 82 year old male and I quit watching the “So-called” news years ago!


Hmmm, that would make me hesitant. If it’s anything like the " fact checkers" have become, it could just be “level II” of the same thing, but with more nerve to say “OK, honest, this time we promise ,we really are just reporting facts”

I hate what’s been done to the ability to trust our institutions in this country.


@PDA3, will check it out, with a skeptical eye. The fact that it’s being touted by WGN and an NBC affiliate are certainly red flags, but a cursory glance this morning show they’re at least giving 2 sides of most stories.

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During the Reagan administration, FCC regulations were relaxed. Prior to that, regulations required anything called “News” to be actual factual reporting. Opinions could not be a part of “News”. While overall I am in favor of less regulation, this particular modification (in my opinion) has done so much damage it really angers me. It paved the way for the Fox News style reporting, which other organizations were forced to adopt to remain competitive. While I agree that factual news died with Walter Cronkite, now you know why.

I am NOT an expert on this subject, I just know enough to be angry about it.

I am 82 yrs old and have not watched the news in many years and yes it is sad what our once great nation has become.