News from Outside the Path of Totality: Florida Highway Shooter Blames God, Eclipse for Her Actions; the Media Just Blames

It just amazes me how other Countries view the United States and their LOVE of FREEDOM
and twist it into a sick obsession with Firearms. Usually these same Countries that still view us as Barbarians and uncouth masses but they are under the thumbs of Supreme Rulers, Kings and Queens, and Mullah’s and . Ayatollah’s…
The article is good (about Mental Illness)
The Commentary @ the end by a British 'Journalist Rag is Telling
and I give you the icing on the cake for last
(for some reason TTAG found it noteworthy to end the piece
with a clip from one of the greatest WAR MOVIES of all time (Top 10 anyway)
Look @ the cast: Hackman, Denzel, Gandophini and this list goes on and on.
The film? CRIMSON TIDE (1995) a short clip but also very timely.
The world made sense in 1995, Film maker’s knew how to create a piece without 5,000 phucks in it.
and major acting chops displayed without a huge, loud sound track.

I love all these elements I just stated. It took me away from the Current Stupidness I see on MSN
I hope it does the same for you folks.


“Crimson Tide” is a great flick. As you said no real use of unnecessary foul language but, the emphasis on great acting.


Link didn’t work.


That was good.
But now I am traumatized and it’s all your fault. :joy::joy::joy::cup_with_straw::cup_with_straw: :cup_with_straw: :cup_with_straw:


“And forgive me if my history is a little rusty, but it seems what the British have to say about how our country is run hasn’t really mattered since Sept. 3, 1783 when the Treaty of Paris was signed officially ending the Revolutionary War.”

The Brits tried to tell us how to run our country once and we shot them. Shrugs.

And all this BS about how the British public is so steadfastly against firearms is a load of dirty dishwater. I have lived in England when I was in the Air Force and they do have regular citizens who own firearms and they can keep those firearms in their homes while abiding by a very strict set of rules. Most of the publicly owned firearms are kept in the armories of local gun clubs, but they do own and love firearms as much as we do.

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