News about Big Brother ATF - your taxes at work


I can’t stand listening to that guy’s channel.


If anyone cares to read about it… instead…


I thought it’s only me… :hear_no_evil:

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I spent weeks on my comments to their new pistol brace rule and their new frame or receiver rule but they processed 500,000 comments in 2 weeks using just 50 people?

500,000 comments / 14 days / 8 hours / 50 people = 89 comments per hour per person.

I know most people’s comments are very short, but that’s only 40 seconds spent on each comment.

40 seconds is not long enough to read and understand even just a few sentences.

I’m not surprised by their complete lack of respect for the people they are supposed to serve, or the laws that their rules break, or the poor detailees who have now had a portion of their moral integrity stripped away by cheating their way through reviewing these comments.

I am however horrified that this administration is so callous in their process of their application of the APA rulemaking process.

Currently the executive branch has all the power in the world to create or adjust these rules and is in charge of determining for themselves when a rule is significant enough to get congressional oversight. This is not an ATF only problem. The IRS, FDA, USDA, EPA, DOE, pretty much any alphabet agency all report to and are under direct control of the presidential administration including their rulemaking and enforcement.

When the ATF invades Joe Public’s privacy through recordkeeping abuses then charges him with felony possession of a firearm they decided with no oversight was illegal, he has to pony up a million dollars to fight his way to the supreme court to get it overturned all the while having no way to protect himself because he’s a felon until proven innocent.

Every government agency who makes rules with the force of law using the APA authority should have 3 branches just like the government itself. The ATF should have a legislative branch that reports to Congress which is in charge of rulemaking, a judicial branch that reports to the courts in charge of interpreting those rules, determining constitutionality and providing sentencing and penalty guidelines and an executive branch reporting to the president that just handles executive functions like budgeting, logistics and enforcement of the rules.

As things currently stand, the executive branch is exactly the concentration of power that our forefathers sought to prevent through the three independent branches of our government. It was never intended to do anything more than command the armed forces and handle the business side of governance.

Agency rulemaking authority is necessary at the scale of our society, but it needs to be reworked to reestablish checks and balances so that people’s rights are not violated by unconstitutional rules. Most people do not have resources to fight for their rights when they are violated.

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ATF needs to be abolished.

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