New York vs NRA

Ran across this and though it may be of interest to some

Google News - NRA Must Face ‘Murder Insurance’ Regulatory Hearing, Judge Says


Interestink… veddy veddy interestink.

There is more here than Cuomo’s dislike of the NRA. I would love to hear from the legal beagles of our community as to what the differences between what the NRA offered & what the other organizations offer (if any) that would classify Carry Guard as insurance, & the other organizations as not insurance.

I visited NY four times for a total of about 9 weeks between 1981-2005. I will never return.


Unfortunately @OldGnome, I lived in Upstate NY for 50 years. The only reason I go back is I have family still there.


I also found out in another thread (USCCA Still banned in New York? Updates?) that USCCA cannot have members from New York, and has been banned since 2018. I’m under the impression that it is because of the benefits of a paid membership?

Never been never will.


Another example of NY’s anit-2A policies.

Was raised in Upstate NY but left over 40 years ago and have never regretted it. All of my family and my wife’s family still live there. Beautiful state with horrible politics. Usually get back there for a week or two every year to visit family and that’s plenty. When family members ask when we are moving back to NY my wife and I just laugh.

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New York, New York. Vs CALIFORNIA.