New to the game!

So yeah unfortunately I do wear glasses which does make it a little hard on the range. You had a great answer. Home defense and everyday carry. 9mm seems to be the way to go for CC from everything I’ve seen. Massachusetts is my state right now so there are limitations as to what I can own. Ugh. A few more years here and I’m gone to a state that allows everything God willing!

I have been seeing ads for SSP eyewear with the bifocals on top. Gonna have to check it out. Thanks for bringing that subject up. :+1:t2:

Aaron main purpose being home defense and self defense a 9 can be a good choice with defensive ammo. Think hollow points for defensive and full metal jacket for range/training. Can you defensive ammo on the range? Yep but it is more expensive. Can you use FMJ in a defensive situation? Yes but defensive ammo is better. Why? Defensive ammo does 2 things. 1st it expands when hitting objects. This will do more damage to an attacker and should stop them quicker. 2nd, since it expands it also is less likely to go through the target and cause unwanted collateral damage.

Ammo can be a little hard to find right now but if possible get the same brand and weight of bullets for both defense and range. If that is not possible, get them as close to each other as possible. This will allow you to train at the range and be familiar with how your gun ultimately will handle. Guns will often shoot better (more accurate, perceived recoil, etc.) with a specific type of ammo. The good thing is there is a ton of information on places like hete that you can look up and or ask.

As for the glasses…I wear them as well. While I don’t have bifocals, I have been told on numerous visits I should get them.
Is the issue the line between the 2 factors on the lens makes it hard to focus on your sights?

Make sure you handle the exact color of firearm you will be getting. I have an Flat desert earth gun I love but because it is really a light tan color…it takes me longer to aquire my sight picture. I had no idea that would be an issue when I got it. I have put black electrical tape on the top of the slide and thst remedied it. A black gun with high contrast sights will definitely help.

One last thing on the glasses/vision. Once you get your gun and you are comfortable with it, you should do dry fire exercises without your glasses. You need to know how far from you you can clearly ID a target without them. Ideal situation would be you have your glasses on and hearing protection as well. The real world scenarios will be far from perfect.

I am no expert but believe we can all learn from each other.

Stay safe and good luck.

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Thanks man. I really appreciate the long message as it’s so true. No there’s no line on the glasses(progressives). One thing I know I am is I am right handed and my left eye is more dominant. Messes me all up! :wink::rofl:

Don’t find the problems where they actually don’t exist…
There are couple threads at the Community where we discussed how to train cross dominance.


Cool thanks!

So how do I train with this? Right handed.

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Like Dan Crenshaw? I bet you can do it!

You’ll need parrot, a ship, and some wenches.

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What kind of wenches? The female kind or the pulley king? Asking for a friend.


No “both eyes open” shooting, so nothing to worry about. Just turn the head to right a little bit to have sights, target and left eye lined up.
When you measure movement of the tip of nose, you find it less than 2". With practice you won’t even think about turning the head anymore.


This is how I shoot anyway. Right handed, left eye dominance.


easy peasy lemon squeezy


How about using your non- dominant eye when you are using a scope?

These are really great tips y’all! Thanks!

Beyond my knowledge.
Scope is not a part of fair fight. :wink:

But the cross dominance is an issue using both eyes opened. You don’t use both eyes through the scope.

It hasn’t caused me any issues. I shoot pistols both eyes open. When I shoot a rifle/shotgun or even a long barrel magnum revolver at a long range, I use my non-dominant eye, with my dominant eye closed. Since my ND eye is aligned with the sights in natural point of aim, under these circumstances, it comes fairly natural.

Winches-wenches! :rofl: One letter changes everything!

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I’m an engineer. I don’t need no stink’n spelling. My wife’s an English teacher. She is my spellchecker. :rofl:


Just joshin.(g) :+1:t2:

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