So I decided to give IDPA a shot. If anyone’s shot IDPA and would like to give a few pointers to someone who has not. I’d love to hear what you have to say.


That’s awesome @AdamJ! I can’t wait to hear more about it.

Happy Birthday!!

I’m interested in hearing this.

I’ve obtained the IDPA membership and contacted one of the local ranges that host matches for IDPA. There’s some gear you need but nothing someone on this page shouldn’t already have. I chose IDPA because they try and keep everything as close to real defensive situations as practical. Obviously there’s no substitute for the real thing. I’ve taken different classes over the years and that’s all well and good but classes only do so much and I’ve grown board with them. I need more of a challenge. From what I’ve seen thus far IDPA should fill the gap nicely.

Thank you @Dawn for the Birthday wishes.


I used to shoot IDPA, and am going to try and start doing it again. It is fun. I am not even remotely competitive, I just do it for the shooting stages and getting to go through the different aspects of moving and shooting.

If you are doing it for honing your defensive skills. Use what you would use as your EDC. Will really help your muscle memory.

I made the mistake of using a “competition defense gun”, and I realized that from doing what I was at IDPA, I was being lax in my SD habits. So that gun is a “safe queen” and only goes to the range every few months, when I rotate all of my different firearms ammo (that is of course for the very few that I have left after my tragic :sailboat: accident :crazy_face::innocent::eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

BTW Happ birthday :birthday:

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I just finished full year of local club matches in VA. I did about 13 this past year. I have struggled a little because I forgot why I entered in the first place sometimes. That is, to demonstrate what I have been working on in dryfire practice (e.g. reloads, FSF, tgt xsit, etc.). So other than my mag holder I compete in my EDC gear and clothing. So, I use IWB and t shirt or sweatshirt depending on weather. I am slower as a result but in my last competition though I was near the bottom in time I was the only competitor to have zero down on all targets (did have 2 PEs though which is not usualy for me a this point.) Overall, I enjoy it because I go with two of my classmates and we coach each other and I try to compete against myself rather than everyone else.