Competition 2020.. let's hear what you do

Seems this has been a lightly used area. Do you competitive shoot? What sport do you compete in? Heck, I would even entertain some fun with hardware tales.

I mostly do 3gun, as does my date. I have over 15 years in that sport, she has about 5. So, I tend to be a little lop sided… LOL I have also Bowling Pins, High Power, Palma, Silhouette (rifle), USPSA, Steel Challenge, and sorta like IDPA (no IDPA clubs in Montana).

I am not the best competitor, by a long long margin. I do have lots of fun, and learn a bunch. Have done quite a few night matches too! Night 3gun is awesome!! I will also use my carry guns to compete with, which is not really a bad idea (shoot what you carry!). Although using the 1911 in 3gun can be a disadvantage unless you love reloads! Sure if fun though! I have run 1911’s, CZ’s, Beretta’s, XD’s, Glocks, and a revolver for the experience.

I will say that a club, and particularly it’s members, will make or break your first experience. If you do have a bad experience, please do not give up on it. If you liked it, come on back and try again. Heck, a different squad can make a difference!

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I coach a 4H rimfire rifle team. They will eventually go to competitions. As the coach, I have to demonstrate the competitive shooting. I also have to have a basic working knowledge of different brands/types of .22 rifles. Not that I mind, I like guns.


I shoot the target of the month competition.

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